Wieden+Kennedy’s Colleen DeCourcy retires from advertising – AdAge.com

Wieden+Kennedy’s Colleen DeCourcy retires from advertising – AdAge.com

“Colleen came in with the resolve and enthusiasm of a change agent,” said Wieden+Kennedy Chairman Tom Blessington in a statement. “She provoked, prodded and led this agency, and the industry for that matter, in immeasurable and lasting ways over the last nine years. For that and more, we are forever grateful and wish her all the best in retirement.”

DeCourcy said to step back now is to continue the work she set out to do in the first place. “You can’t be a huge advocate for change and not ever think it means you,” she said. “If you really believe that injecting new thinking, new blood and new dynamics into a company like Wieden only makes it more interesting, then at a certain point, you change yourself out too.”

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Wieden+Kennedy will not be filling DeCourcy’s role—the agency, she said, is already on course under the steady leadership of Karl Lieberman and Neal Arthur, the former New York leaders who in late 2020 were respectively elevated to the roles of global chief creative officer and global chief operating officer.

Both leaders said they’re grateful for what DeCourcy has done for the team and for them personally, with Lieberman noting that “she’s led the way in showing that it’s not about micromanaging this place or giving it some sort of narrow idea about what it should be, it’s about giving people the space, the support and the perspective they need to do the job in their own way.” 

“Colleen is an absolute legend,” Arthur added. “It’s exciting to know that she will be out in the world, imposing her will and making impact on spaces beyond advertising.”

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