Why Should Zimbabweans Pursue A Career In Software Engineering? – NewsDay

Why Should Zimbabweans Pursue A Career In Software Engineering? – NewsDay

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Software, technology, and digital infrastructure is something in which Zimbabwe is lagging behind all the other countries but since the future is all digital and internet, our youngsters need to realize the importance of this field. For youngsters living in Zimbabwe, pursuing a degree in Software Engineering is something that they should consider because it has so many benefits, that makes this field so much valuable and important. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why Zimbabweans should pursue a career in software engineering:

Job Outlook Is Amazing

Any college or university graduate won’t want to earn their degree one to find out that the competition in their field is too high and they are unable to find a good job in their field. This type of situation is extremely frustrating and demotivating because young graduates have a lot of hopes and in a country like Zimbabwe, these young graduates are the hopes for many. 

Therefore, we suggest you go for a degree like software engineering because the job outlook is amazing and the demand for software engineers and programmers is increasing with every passing day. The demand for software engineers is such that if a software engineer is not able to meet the terms of a company then he can work individually as a freelancer without having to worry about a job or anything.

Software Engineering Is A Broad Field

Software Engineering is a great career choice because it is one of the few fields like Medicine that are broad. A career in software engineering means that there are various things that you can get expertise in in fields related to computers, computer applications, systems, etc. The advantage of having a degree in such a broad field means that you get to work in an area in your field that interests you the most.

For instance, some software engineers who like working with computer systems spend their time and become an expert in building or rebuilding computer systems. Others work with security and become security experts and some like to use their talents to create websites or enhance network security through pages like There is also the choice of app development, software development, firmware development, etc. 

There are so many options available and it basically comes down to you which field interests you the most. Plus, having a degree in software engineering means that you can work in almost any industry because nowadays every industry uses software to some extent, whether it is a healthcare facility or a law firm.

You Can Work Both As A Team And Individually

The thing about a career in software engineering is that it is not one of those career choices where you work on your own only. Software Engineering is one of those careers where people work in teams and every person has a specific role which makes this a very appealing career choice because most people don’t like to work in solitude, they enjoy it when they have to work with other people.

You can learn how to be an effective team player, you will also learn the required skills and also be able to accept criticism. Of course, if you don’t like working in teams then you can always work as a separate freelancer and this is the special thing about this career that it gives you so many choices. 

You Like Solving Problems

Another reason to pursue a career in software engineering is that you like to troubleshoot. Whether it is creating new software, solving a small problem on the admin gateway of the router i.e, or helping a company with their centralized system and why it isn’t working, if you love troubleshooting then you will love your job as a software engineer.

During your software engineering career, you will encounter a lot of problems but if you like taking problems and breaking them down until you solve them then you will love your job. It is like you are a computer detective who has to solve a problem by finding the root cause.

Handsome Salary

The biggest motivating factor that can be for many youngsters out there is that the salary of software engineers is very handsome and even in a country like Zimbabwe, you can expect to earn a handsome salary. According to a report, the median pay for a software engineer in the US is around $52,000/year, which means that the salary is pretty handsome all over the world.

If you are really looking for an enjoyable career with a good salary then software engineering is a career that you should consider and pursue. If you have got the right skills then you can ace a software engineering degree without any problem.

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