Why choose Matsuura as your UK supplier for HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printers? – Professional Engineering

Why choose Matsuura as your UK supplier for HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printers? – Professional Engineering

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HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printer

Matsuura’s Additive Manufacturing Engineers are the acknowledged UK experts on all aspects of HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printing, from the machines to their applications to the in-depth materials knowledge for all your 3D printing production requirements – from prototyping through to final part mass production, giving you an economical and flexible option for medium to high volume production environments.

Our Additive Manufacturing Centre in Leicestershire is the only UK venue where you can see the entire range of HP 3D printers, under power and ready to demonstrate, including the HP Jet Fusion 5200 3D printer, HP’s most advanced plastics 3D printing solution.

Delivering enhanced, quality parts

  • Get quality—from fine detail and sharp edges to textures
  • Produce functional parts with best-in-class isotropy

Supporting your journey into 3D printing

  • Matsuura UK has the established UK Applications Department and Technical Engineers to fully support your business long term, especially if your move into AM 3D printing is a new direction for your company.
  • We have a successful track record for delivering a rapid return on investment to companies investing in new, state of the art equipment – be they subtractive or additive technologies.
  • Matsuura UK will deliver a fast turnkey engineered solution into your 3D production workflow, reducing your time to market and quickly upskilling your workforce with Certified Training.
  • UK based, in-house product expertise; we fully support our portfolio of high-quality production solutions and customer base from our Additive Manufacturing Centre.
  • Our engineers have a vast in-depth knowledge of industry sectors, materials, products and their applications.

With a growing and successful UK customer base, we can take you to visit customer reference sites, giving you the opportunity to speak to our customers directly, see their process and ask why they continue to choose Matsuura for as their HP 3D partner of choice.

From owner-operator start-ups to some of the World’s best known manufacturing names and brands, Matsuura’s varied UK customer base for HP 3D printers shows that whilst we are big enough to cope, we are small enough to care.

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