What is PowerPoint Live? – UC Today

What is PowerPoint Live? – UC Today

The Microsoft Ignite conference opened the door to a variety of exciting updates to support the future of work. Just one of the new offerings is the intriguing PowerPoint Live.

PowerPoint is one of the most popular products in the Microsoft 365 stack, providing a convenient way for individuals and businesses alike to share stories and host presentations. According to Microsoft’s recent blog post, as the world made the transition to remote work, we’re all facing new challenges when it comes to presenting information.

PowerPoint Live aims to support both audience members and their presenters, creating a richer experience for sharing content.

A New Way to Share Content as a Team

The PowerPoint Live solution for Microsoft Teams supports presenters in delivering dynamic content more professionally. Now generally available, this service is available directly in Teams. Just launch your Teams meeting as you would normally, then unlock all the benefits of PowerPoint Live by choosing a file in the dedicated section for sharing content in Teams.

The PowerPoint Live feature takes advantage of the new Share Content capability coming to Teams, which will allow companies to share knowledge more seamlessly within their collaborative environment. Features of PowerPoint Live include:

  • Full control of content: As a presenter, you get a custom view to see all your notes, chats, and your audience in the same panel view. Your audience only sees the active slide, so you can more easily keep track of your presentation. There’s even a thumbnail strip to show you which slides are coming next.
  • Seamless transitions: If you’re sharing content with co-presenters, they can easily “take control” at the right moment and access presenter view too. You can easily share control between various presenters, so there’s no need to worry about fumbling to pass over the reigns for the next speaker.
  • Presenter mode: Presenter mode is a new feature that allows you to change how your content and video feed appears to the audience. You can place yourself within your presentation, to ensure that your viewers don’t have to switch their attention between your video, and your slides. This feature is rolling out soon.

Engaging Experiences for Your Audience

The PowerPoint Live solution in Teams gives presenters more power over the way they deliver information through Teams. Attendees also have the option to adjust what they see, navigating through slides at their own pace and increasing the size of the font. You can create interactive presentations to engage your audience, with videos and hyperlinks too.

The addition of Live Reactions in Teams meetings also ensures that your attendees can share how they feel about a particular slide or the full presentation in real-time. This helps to improve inclusivity in the meeting while keeping the tone as positive as possible.

PowerPoint Live also supports a high-performance viewing experience that matches your audience. Whether your attendees are joining from an 8k monitor or smartphone, they’ll get a presentation optimised for your screen, with smooth transitions, crisp graphics, and great animations. Even participants without the best network connections can enjoy the experience.

On top of that, PowerPoint Live allows attendees to access shared content through screen readers or use high-contrast versions to make the information easier to consume.

PowerPoint Live is taking Microsoft Teams presentations to a whole new level.



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