Video games: the great media that grew with the pandemic – Video games – Technology –

Video games: the great media that grew with the pandemic – Video games – Technology –

After almost three years since the world changed with the coronavirus pandemic, video game companies experienced great economic growth. Unlike the other entertainment industries, such as cinema, music or sports, video games were able to continue to increase users during confinements.

While live sports, or concerts, even the movie industry for theatrical releases, which are dependent on fans being able to enjoy these live events, video games attracted more users than ever before.

In the US, gamers have increased their spending on games by 75% over the course of the pandemic

Today, from smartphones, consoles such as Xbox and Playstation, to computers optimized for gaming, entertainment is at anyone’s fingertips.

According to the consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), from 2018 to the end of 2021, the video game industry has grown by 8% per year, and it is expected that By 2023, revenues exceed 200,000 million dollars.a figure that according to this company exceeds box office profits around the world.

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“In the US, gamers have increased their gaming spending by 75% over the course of the pandemic,” said Sandro Marzo, managing director and partner at BCG, in the consultancy’s latest press release.

League of Legends World Championship


Riot Games Worlds Promo Poster

This shouldn’t be surprising, given that in the last five years, China’s Tencent company bought Riot Games for $400 million, developers of the online game ‘League of Legends’, whose competitive final this year had more than 30 million viewers. spectators.

‘League of Legends’ is an online game in which two teams of five members fight to destroy the towers in the territory controlled by the opponent. It’s like a game of capture the flag, but with fantasy characters.

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Another of the most popular games among young users is ‘Fortnite’, whose final was played at the Arthur Ashe stadium, where the international tennis tournament, US Open, is held. The final of the Fortnite World Cup in 2019 managed to attract 2.3 million people live. The US Open the same year had 2.7 million viewers.

The series premiered in November 2021


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From the console to the small screen

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