VET TEC student Veterans poised to join the fast-growing tech industry – VAntage Point – VAntage Point Blog

VET TEC student Veterans poised to join the fast-growing tech industry – VAntage Point – VAntage Point Blog

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating IT occupations will increase by 13 percent over the next decade, the Veteran Employment Through Technology Program (VET TEC) paves the way for VET TEC student Veterans to join this growing industry.

Veterans with at least one day of remaining GI Bill entitlement are eligible to enroll in the VET TEC program and gain high-tech skills within a matter of months. Upon completion of the program, VET TEC graduates typically find employment in 67 days with an average salary above $59,000.

Growing Together

VET TEC is dedicated to supporting Veterans in upskilling to join the 21st century workforce. One VET TEC graduate shared, “I’ve always wanted to be a programmer. The GI Bill and VET TEC made it a reality.”

Courses offered by training providers, such as cybersecurity, data science and software engineering, have helped VET TEC students learn new skills and land roles in high-demand tech careers. Training providers and employer partners are major contributors to the success of over 2,500 VET TEC graduates. “I learned a lot and now have a job earning twice what I was making before I started the program,” said a recent VET TEC graduate.

Connecting the VET TEC Community

Students are invited to join monthly events held by the VET TEC Employer Consortium, including:

  • Opportunities to network with employers
  • Resume workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Lunch and learns

Beyond developing new skills, VET TEC helps to foster connections with employers, ultimately creating ideal pathways for new careers.

What’s Next?

With program funding available as of October 1, 2021, and a recent expansion to the program – to include transitioning service members – we are excited to continue growing the program while preparing our Veterans for the careers of the 21st century.

To learn more about the VET TEC program, visit our website, and check out our upcoming events.

Know an employer in need of tech talent? Refer them to the Employer Consortium page to learn how to partner with us.