Verizon is delivering an incredibly early Android 12 update to the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G – PhoneArena

Verizon is delivering an incredibly early Android 12 update to the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G – PhoneArena

You may not remember this now, but Verizon used to be mocked for its laggy software updates and excessive “bloat” just a few years back. The reason why you probably don’t have any recollection of such a thing, especially if you use a Samsung phone on America’s largest wireless network, is obviously that the carrier is doing much better these days.We could even go so far as to name Big Red the current champion of major Android updates among the top three mobile operators stateside, and to back up that claim, we’d like to present you exhibit A: this software support webpage dedicated to the Galaxy A42 5G.Released more than a year ago, that was by no means the most impressive 5G-enabled device developed by Samsung in 2020 and it’s hardly the most desirable such smartphone available on Verizon right now.But none of that stopped the two companies from joining forces and delivering stable Android 12 goodies with One UI 4.0 on top incredibly early. How early, you wonder? Well, the official over-the-air rollout apparently kicked off with pretty much no fanfare nearly two weeks ago, which means that this update came before T-Mobile’s exact same promotion for the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra 5G.

It’s perhaps needless to point out that the 6.6-inch mid-ranger is also beating a large number of high-enders from other brands to the Android 12 punch, some of which just so happen to be newer models as well.

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G made its debut running Android 10, mind you, while packing a reasonably powerful Snapdragon 750 processor and sporting a notched Super AMOLED display with a modest resolution of 1600 x 720 pixels.

All that’s to say that we would have never expected this device to join the Android 12 party already, especially on a US carrier that undoubtedly required a little time of its own to test all the tweaks and add a few specific ones, but that’s just how great Samsung is at this stuff nowadays.