VanVleet, Watanabe highlight Raptors’ advanced analytics –

VanVleet, Watanabe highlight Raptors’ advanced analytics –

December 10, 2021, 6:12 PM

December 10, 2021, 6:12 PM

In this world of analytics, there seems to be a stat for everything, and the NBA is no different.

In the latest edition of The Raptors Show With Will Lou, Will Lou and Alex Wong break down ten advanced stats about the Toronto Raptors, and what they mean in the grand scheme of things.

“Fred VanVleet is seventh in the NBA in fourth-quarter points. He has 132 points in the fourth quarter this season, it’s actually just one behind Kevin Durant,” said Lou.

That wasn’t the only stat that VanVleet was among the leaders in.

“Fred VanVleet is first in the NBA at distance travelled at 15,136 feet … by the way Scottie Barnes is third in the NBA in total distance travelled,” said Lou.

“Does this include include (Barnes) just running around the financial district on off-days when there is nothing to do?” asked Wong.

That’s who covers the most ground, but who covers ground the fastest?

“Yuta Watanabe is the third fastest player in the NBA … right behind Doug McDermott and T.J. McConnell for No. 1,” said Lou. “It just says these guys don’t stop moving, it’s actually kind of incredible.”

The speed isn’t just limited to Watanabe — Toronto as a team likes to push the pace and get out and run.

“The Raptors are second in the NBA in terms of percentage of plays in transition, so they’re at 18.8 per cent of all their possessions are in transition,” said Lou. “That’s second only to Charlotte at 19.4.”

Watch the full conversation about Toronto’s advanced analytics on The Raptors Show with Will Lou, which can now be streamed live daily on Sportsnet’s YouTube channel. A replay of Friday’s episode can be found below.