Ubisoft updates its Splinter Cell trademark ahead of its reported new game – Video Games Chronicle

Ubisoft updates its Splinter Cell trademark ahead of its reported new game – Video Games Chronicle

Ubisoft has updated its Splinter Cell trademark ahead of the series’ reported return.

The company had previously filed a trademark for Splinter Cell video games in May 2017, but an updated trademark, which slightly changes the lists of products it’s designed for, was filed last week, The Game Post reports.

Though the actual changes are minimal (and include the removal of the term “interactive milti-player computer games” in favour of “providing an online computer game”), the re-filing suggests an intent to do something with the trademark.

This matches previous VGC reports stating that Ubisoft is currently working on a new Splinter Cell game.

VGC reported in October that Ubisoft has greenlit what will be its first mainline Splinter Cell game in a decade.

Development sources told us that the title has been put into production as a means of winning back fans frustrated by recent efforts to revive the franchise in the mobile and VR spaces.

The title is in an early phase of production, the sources said, but there’s a small chance it could be announced next year.

The following week, GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb corroborated the report, saying he had heard the game could be taking inspiration from IO Interactive‘s Hitman franchise.

It’s not clear which studios are working on the new project, though two people with knowledge of Ubisoft’s plans told VGC that the new Splinter Cell was being led by a studio outside of its traditional Montreal base.

The much-requested sequel will arrive at a time when the company is looking to rebuild its image, following a wave of discrimination and sexual harassment allegations. Employee groups say they are not satisfied with the level of action taken by Ubisoft to change its culture.

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