Trust permanently lowers the prices of its office webcams | Industry – Central Valley Business Journal

Trust permanently lowers the prices of its office webcams | Industry – Central Valley Business Journal

The rise of teleworking and online meetings has meant that, today, having a good webcam is a real necessity. If you are looking to renew yours, pay close attention to these 3 Trust webcams, which now have an irresistible price.

The commitment of Trust for offering us the best accessories at the most competitive price does not cease. And a good example of this is the permanent price reduction that the manufacturer has just announced for 3 of its webcam especially focused on the office.

Ideal for both video calls with family and friends, as to cover all the needs of the telecommuting, as online meetingsThese Trust web cameras stand out for their enormous ease of use and great versatility.

As you will see, it is not necessary to spend a large amount of money to have a dedicated webcam that meets all our needs. And all, with the guarantee of Trust, reference brand in digital accessories. We present them to you!

Exis webcam

With a resolution of 640 x 480, the Exis webcam of Trust it is a perfect webcam for video calls. Its use is very simple and, thanks to its Plug & Play featuresSimply connect it to the PC to start using it very easily.

Besides, his built-in microphone is responsible for capturing conversations by filtering external sounds, while its support is specially designed for laptop screens and flat surfaces.

It is possible to purchase it at Various colors, such as black, green, pink, or white. And its new price makes this accessory a really attractive bet.

The Trust Exis webcam has a recommended retail price of € 5.99.

Spotlight Pro webcam

The integrated LED lights are the identity seal of Trus’ Spotlight Pro webcamt. Thanks to your built-in lighting, composed of 6 white light LEDs, this camera makes it possible to make video calls at any time of the day, as it is capable of generate the appropriate type of lighting for a quality image in any environment.

The lights are also dimmable and therefore can be easily adjusted to suit the user. The Trust SpotLight Pro webcam is designed to be hassle-free, as you only need connect it to the computer to start using it

its attractive design includes a nifty pedestal, which allows you to place the camera on top of the laptop screen or simply on a flat surface to get stable and secure video quality.

The Trust SpotLight Pro webcam has a recommended retail price of € 9.99.

Trino HD webcam

Trust’s La Trino HD webcam is a webcam designed to achieve the highest image quality in the work conferencesas it offers a 720p HD resolution.

It has automatic white balance, while his fixed focus lens ensures that everything is recorded with sharp and accurate quality.

Also, thanks to its Universal support, the camera can be attached to the top of the monitor or placed on the desktop, making it a stable and secure webcam for all types of equipment and situations.

The Trino HD webcam from Trust RRP has a recommended RRP of € 19.99.