Total Gaming, Techno Gamerz, AS Gaming among top 5 YouTube India creators of 2021 – Sportskeeda

Total Gaming, Techno Gamerz, AS Gaming among top 5 YouTube India creators of 2021 – Sportskeeda

Total Gaming tops the chart in the Top YouTube India creators list of 2021. His popularity has skyrocketed in the last few months of 2021. This has pushed him for the top spot on the list, overtaking others.

TechnoGamerz and AS Gaming have also made it to the list, along with JKK entertainment and Crazy XYZ. It is indeed prestigious that three gamers are included in the top 5 followed by Lokesh Gamer and Gyan Gaming at the sixth and tenth rank, respectively.

Who is Total Gaming, and why is he at the top spot in YouTube India Creators of 2021 list?

It is December, which means it is that time of year when all social media platforms and entertainment houses provide a recap of the year while releasing highlights and memorable moments along with the names of the top contributors on the platforms. YouTube, too, has recently released its list of 2021.

Ajay ‘Total Gaming’ heads the YouTube Creators list of 2021 as he is the most subscribed YouTube Gaming channel with a massive subscriber base of 30 million subscribers. Total Gaming is popularly known as ‘Ajju Bhai’ in the Indian gaming community.

Total Gaming is known for his humble nature and great gaming skills. He began uploading gameplay videos of Free Fire even though PUBG Mobile was on trend. His gameplay was soon appreciated by his subscribers, and he has never looked back since then.

In 2021, Ajju Bhai collaborated with various other streamers while trying out different games.

Techno Gamerz and AS Gaming also ranked in Top 5

Techno Gamerz and AS gaming are ranked in the second and fourth positions in the list, respectively. While TechnoGamerz has 22.3 million subscribers on YouTube, AS Gaming currently has 15.2 million subscribers.

TechnoGamerz is known for playing many games on stream and making funny videos on his gameplay. His debut song, ‘Game On,’ also created a buzz in the community.

AS Gaming, on the other hand, is a Free Fire player who uploads videos on the game with his brother Sahil. His pranks as entertainment videos are loved by his subscribers.