This Samsung sound bar system is $80 off right now – SFGate

This Samsung sound bar system is $80 off right now – SFGate

Upgrade your home cinema for a budget-friendly price.

Dec. 13, 2021

The Samsung HW-A40R 4ch sound bar ($119.99) from Best Buy. 

Best Buy

Got a new TV during Black Friday but the speakers are subpar? A simple solution is a sound bar. Sound bars provide wide-range surround sound in a compact size, eliminating the need for bulkier speakers. The elongated Bluetooth-compatible sound system is ideal for those who want a home cinema experience out of the box for a budget-friendly price. 

Right now the Samsung HW-A40R sound bar is on sale for $119.99 from Best Buy, marked down $80 from its original price. 

Samsung – HW-A40R 4ch Sound bar with Surround sound expansion – Black



The set includes the sound bar with two built-in woofers for richer bass, two additional wireless rear speakers for improved reach, an optical cable and a remote control that is also compatible with Samsung TVs for streamlined control of both your TV and sound system.

To get started, all you need to do is wirelessly sync the sound bar to your TV or connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. Alternatively, the sound bar has a USB port and an NFC tag you can place your phone over to automatically play content. 

Upgrade your at-home sound system now and cozy up to movies and music all winter long.