These are your color choices for the Samsung Galaxy A33 – SamMobile

These are your color choices for the Samsung Galaxy A33 – SamMobile

Last updated: November 1st, 2021 at 09:51 UTC+01:00

It was first reported about a month ago that Samsung now has the Galaxy A33 in the pipeline. This handset will be the successor to the rather slow and laggy Galaxy A32. As you’d probably expect, there might be some similarities between the two devices.

There’s a possibility that both devices might share similar design elements. It has also emerged that the Galaxy A33 may be available with the same color choices as the device it’s going to replace.

Galaxy A33 will also have 5G connectivity

Little is known about the specs of the Galaxy A33 at this point in time. One can only hope that the Galaxy A32 performance issues we highlighted are addressed with its successor. There’s a lot of stutter and lag that you experience when using the Galaxy A32. It doesn’t make for an ideal user experience.

The folks at GalaxyClub are now reporting that the Galaxy A33 will be offered in black, white, light blue and orange colors. These are the colors that the Galaxy A32 was offered in. The report also mentions that the Galaxy A33 features a 13-megapixel front camera like the Galaxy A32.

Samsung is on a mission to make 5G smartphones more affordable. That’s why a lot of its Galaxy A devices are picking up 5G support. Since the Galaxy A32 had this support as well, it goes without saying that the Galaxy A33 will feature a 5G modem as well.

What’s unclear at this point in time is when the Galaxy A33 will hit the market. It’s obviously a part of the 2022 Galaxy A series. So we may have to wait until early next year for this device to hit shelves.

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