The Top Healthy Habits In Every State Might Surprise You – Brit + Co

The Top Healthy Habits In Every State Might Surprise You – Brit + Co

From our favorite fitness routine (we love a good zumba class) to our go-to meals (we can’t wait to try these carrot hot dogs), our healthy habits can be determined by a variety of factors. Our age, our favorite activities, and where we live all play a role in our daily lives. We got a peek at the top eight healthy habits in the country, thanks to data from cloud-based personal trainer solution Trainerize. Keep reading for the breakdown and some wellness ideas. Try one, two, or all of them for yourself!

23 States: Eating More Protein

Eating protein was the most popular health trend in 23 states, including California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Louisiana, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

This Spice Rubbed Roast Chicken makes for a tasty summer dinner, especially when paired with something light, like fruit or a salad. But meat isn’t the only way to get your dose of protein! These Grilled Tempeh Satay Wraps have a tasty combo of sriracha, cumin, and turmeric, and they might actually help your brain health too.

Nebraska + Virginia + South Carolina: Eating More Veggies

Veggies are always something we strive to include in our diet. The good news is that you don’t have to eat just plain vegetables when trying to be healthier. There are so many ways you can incorporate them into your favorite meals. Try these Carrot Hot Dogs, or mix veggies you’ve never had together before to create something new and delicious. We’re obsessed with this Watermelon Radish Salad.

11 States: Using A Portion Guide

Using a portion guide during mealtime was the a trending search topic in states like Alaska, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maine.

According to Mayo Clinic, people are more likely to eat more food when larger portions are put in front of them, which can contribute to eating too much and just feeling bad physically. You can use visual cues to help you get started with portion sizes, like eating a tennis ball’s worth of fruit or a protein serving that’s about the same size as a deck of cards. If you realize that your body needs more protein or more carbs, you can change it up. Check out our Intuitive Eating Guidefor more info!

9 States: Self Care Activities

The most popular health trend in Washington, Oregon, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Rhode Island was self care — and we are so on board! Self care doesn’t have to be something beauty-related — although we are obsessed with these <…….