The fastest VPN: We identify the speediest performers – PCWorld

The fastest VPN: We identify the speediest performers – PCWorld

A lot of people looking for a solid VPN have one primary consideration: the need for speed. Privacy and anonymity are great, but if it means slow-as-molasses connections most people will opt out in favor of a speed demon. Faster speeds mean a better streaming experience, faster file downloads, quicker website load times, and just a better all-around experience.

Of course, when it comes to speeds there are actually two considerations. Download speeds are the primary concern because most people depend on getting data from remote servers as quickly as possible. For some, however, upload speeds for sending data to the internet is just as important. Gamers, for example, need what they’re doing to hit servers as quickly as possible.

We tend not to publish upload speeds in our reviews as the interest is more often on downloads, but we’re going to look at the upload speeds in this article. As with our download speeds, we’ll focus on the percentage of the base speed that is maintained (or exceeded). The reason being that numbers can differ so wildly from ISP to ISP, device to device, and connection type to connection type that speed retention as a percentage often captures the experience of most people.

Read on to see the fastest VPN we’ve found for sending data to the rest of the world, as well as the best choice for upload speeds and the VPN with the best speeds while staying as private as possible. (For even more VPN options, check out our comprehensive roundup of the best VPNs in all categories.)

1. Hotspot Shield – Fastest VPN, period

To readers of our VPN reviews this first choice will come as no surprise. The fastest VPN we’ve tested is HotSpot Shield and it’s not even close. HSS is in a class of its own, retaining 67 percent of the base speed. That is simply a standout score. HSS has its issues, as we haven’t been fans of the company’s privacy policy, though it’s slowly getting better. Of course, it may simply be that to provide the speeds that it does HSS requires the analytics it collects. We can’t really say. Regardless, if you’re interested in pure download speeds and nothing else matters then HSS is the one you want.

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2. ProtonVPN – Second-fastest overall, fastest upload speeds

The second place winner is ProtonVPN, which is still quite a ways back at around 57 percent of the base download speed. ProtonVPN is expensive compared to other services, but the privacy policy is better than HSS in terms of the amount of data collected from its users. It’s not as fast as HSS, but ProtonVPN is about as close as you can get with an improved privacy policy.

Upload speeds …….