The 5 Best Webcams (2021) – WIRED

The 5 Best Webcams (2021) – WIRED

Do you know why most laptop webcams suck? No, really. This isn’t a rhetorical question or the setup to a joke. I wanted to know and was hoping you could tell me. For the most part, laptop manufacturers still skimp on built-in webcams, even though these days we spend almost as much time on videoconferencing apps as we do in the real world. 

It pays to invest in a camera that will make you look good, so upgrade your webcam and your look. Check out our guide to all the best webcams on the market, plus a few that didn’t make the cut. These products go in and out of stock, so if the one you like isn’t available, check out our guides on how to use your smartphone or a professional camera (if you have one) as a webcam instead.

Updated July 2021: We added the Razer Kiyo Pro and Anker PowerConf C300 and removed the Aukey FHD.

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