Take the Guesswork Out of Advertising at the Pump – CSPDailyNews.com

Take the Guesswork Out of Advertising at the Pump – CSPDailyNews.com

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The average consumer in the United States sees more than 5,000 ads per day, according to market research firm Yankelovich. Fuel retailers continue to find creative ways to increase foot traffic in-store, drive purchases and encourage repeat customers, but how effective are these attempts?

Advertising for site owners can be expensive, time-consuming and complex—where should they start? Once an advertising program launches, how can a site owner measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and equate it back to their bottom line? A best-in-class, cloud-based technology solution can take the guesswork out of advertising at the pump and transform the fuel dispenser into an integrated and immersive digital experience.

Digital advertising is leading the way

Many convenience stores now offer in-dispenser media options to bring technology to the forecourt. With a cloud-based technology solution, modern fuel site operators can schedule targeted, event-driven advertisements based on a range of factors, such as time of day—with a promotion for a sandwich, chip and drink combo during the lunch hours, for example—or stage in the fueling process—such as a stop at the adjacent car wash station after the customer is done fueling.  

Video content is a powerful way to leverage in-dispenser advertising. In fact, four out of five brands reported a 33% increase in sales after adding digital signage to their stores, according to Nielsen, and 20% of retail visitors make an unplanned purchase due to a digital promotion, according to Retail Dive.

With dispenser media technology built to support video content, fuel retailers have the ability to play ads that drive sales and captivate the consumer in the few minutes they have at the pump. In addition, there are partners that specialize in designing tailored campaigns and managing retailers’ media. For retailers who don’t have the time or resources to create their own ads, this is a timesaving and cost-effective option.

Driving sales and increasing profits through advertising

Want to leverage the power of in-dispenser advertising, but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips on how to use advertising to drive in-store sales and increase profits:

  • Tailor the message and anticipate customer needs by scheduling ads to coincide with an event—time of day, season, current event, etc.
  • Use video content to engage customers quickly and leverage audio capabilities
  • Keep the call-to-action simple and short to avoid confusion

Advertising really works

Investing in digital media to deliver timely and relevant advertisements to customers and appeal to the impulse buyer is a proven way to drive in-store sales for convenience stores. Advertising doesn’t have to be a challenge, and nobody has to do it alone.  

DX Promote, part of the DFS DX™ connected solutions platform, from Dover Fueling Solutions is a cloud-based content management platform that transforms fuel dispensers into automated selling machines. DX Promote was just named a two-time winner of CSP’s Retailer Choice Best New Product Content in the Technology and Forecourt categories.

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