Smart home automation firm setting up bigger facility in Hyderabad – The Hindu

Smart home automation firm setting up bigger facility in Hyderabad – The Hindu

Hogar Controls expects the 1 lakh sq ft R&D, assembly, testing unit to be ready in a few months

US Internet of Things (IoT) firm Hogar Controls Inc that has made Hyderabad its India headquarters and focused on smart home automation space is setting up a 1 lakh sq ft research and development, assembly and testing facility in the city.

The new facility at Raidurg here will be bigger, to which it eventually proposes to shift operations from the existing 15,000 sq ft unit in Uppal. The company, which now has a headcount of 100 in Hyderabad, plans to hire atleast 50 more people for the new unit. They will be for different roles, including engineering, tech support, call centre and marketing.

The Uppal unit has a production capacity to the scale of 6 lakh units per year. “We are in the middle of construction of the facility. In the next few months will be moving everything [from Uppal to Raidurg] under one roof,” CEO Vishnu Reddy said during a media interaction on Hogar unveiling a new range of smart touch panel under Prima+ series.

The product imbibes futuristic technology to turn ordinary lights, fans and appliances into smart fittings, thus transforming a traditional home into a smart home, the company said in a release.

Stating that the company has invested ₹ 100 crore over the last three years, Mr.Reddy said “as part of our expansion plans, we aim to manufacture a wide range of home automation products in the next 1-2 years. While India remains our priority market, we will continue to focus on exporting products to other global markets like the US, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and the Middle East.”