Save big on VPNs, workout subscriptions, productivity apps, and more for Cyber Monday – Mashable

Save big on VPNs, workout subscriptions, productivity apps, and more for Cyber Monday – Mashable

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The deals aren’t over yet. For Cyber Monday, you can save big on digital deals — including security software, streaming apps, workout subscriptions, productivity-boosters, and so much more.

Use the code CMSAVE40 at checkout and slash an extra 40% off these already-discounted app and software deals. It’s a great way to save on things you already subscribe to, discover new subscription services, and shop for the hardest people on your list.

Security app deals

We love Password Boss particularly for its user-friendly design, but its ability to store and auto-fill usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts using one master password is definitely a major perk. Get a lifetime subscription for unlimited devices for only $20.99 ($499 value) with the code CMSAVE40.

Credit: Password Boss

Protect your online activity and user data on 10 devices for life with FastestVPN’s military-grade 256-bit AES encryption on over 200 servers. A $1200 value, you can snag a lifetime subscription for only $14.99 with the code CMSAVE40.

Credit: FastestVPN

Another one of our favorite password managers, Sticky Password gets you the most bang for your buck — with new features like biometric authentication and no‑cloud Wi‑Fi sync. Score a lifetime subscription for only $23.99 (regularly $199) with the code CMSAVE40.

Credit: Sticky Password

Get a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password for password management and protection, plus a lifetime subscription to one of the best VPNs on the web, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, for only $17.99 (regularly $398). Use the code CMSAVE40 to secure the deal.

Credit: KeepSolid

A second phone line could be used for many things: selling on Craigslist, dating, scouting for jobs, etc. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on the App Store, a subscription to Hushed gives you a second phone number (while hiding your real one) for life with 6,000 SMS or 1,000 phone minutes per year, all for just $11.99 (regularly $150) with the code CMSAVE40.

Credit: Affinity Click

This cross-platform VPN service features an ad tracker and blocker, a zero logging policy, censorship bypass, unlimited bandwidth, and an encrypted tunnel between you and servers in over 45 countries and counting. Use the code CMSAVE40 and slash the price down to just $23.99 for life ($1194 value).

Credit: VPN Secure

This suite of cybersecurity tools from Heimdal provides the most comprehensive anti-virus and threat prevention on the market. Get 100 percent threat detection, AI-powered protection, malware blocking, and more for only $17.99 (regularly $99) with the code CMSAVE40.

Credit: Heimdal Security

Health and wellness app deals

A holistic approach to health, BetterMe is more than just a workout app. Get a personalized health journey with workouts, meal plans, and a CBT-powered course for only $23.99 ($1200 value) using the code CMSAVE40.

Credit: BetterMe

This award-winning holistic fitness app helps you become the best human you can be, with masterclasses in workouts, sleep, and meditations. For just $29.99 (regularly $399) with the code CMSAVE40, you’ll learn from over 100 of the world’s top athletes, sleep coaches, and psychologists.

Credit: Ultrahuman

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on the App Store, Storybook Baby Sleep App helps you get your little one to fall asleep, improve discomforts, and connect with them through massage, stories, and music. A one-year subscription is usually $89, but you can use the code CMSAVE40 and knock the price down to $17.40.

Credit: Familify

Entertainment app deals

Explore hundreds of miles of track in nine detailed routes, set up a fully operating railroad, manage dozens of trains, and more with this railroad simulator bundle. Use the code CMSAVE40 and get it for $17.99 (regularly $279).

Credit: N3V Games Pty

Get an entire year’s worth of documentary streaming, completely ad-free, on MagellanTV and dive deep into shows and films about war, ancient history, science, tech, crime, culture, and more. Usually $59, you can use the Cyber Monday code CMSAVE40 and subscribe for just $21.59.

Credit: MagellanTV

From thought-provoking documentaries to binge-worthy comedies, Fearless showcases films and series from all perspectives and walks of life. Enjoy lifetime access to over 3,000 titles from 1,500 independent filmmakers and creators for only $17.99 ($958 value) with the code CMSAVE40.

Credit: Fearless

Productivity and organization app deals

Get access to over 210 curated apps for your Mac for an entire year for only $41.40 (regularly $107) when you use the code CMSAVE40 at checkout. With Setapp, you’ll get a library of powerful apps for maintenance, lifestyle, hacks and productivity, task management, developer tools, creativity, personal finance, and more.

Credit: MacPaw

This trio of media organizers for your Mac will help you manage all of your files, rip old DVDs, convert and edit videos, and more for life. Get the MacX Media Bundle for just $23.99 (regularly $689) with the code CMSAVE40.

Credit: MacX

If iTunes worked how you wanted it to, it would almost be as great as iMazing’s device manager. For only $8.99 (regularly $34) with the code CMSAVE40, you can get a lifetime license for one iOS device (and any number of computers) and enjoy the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone, iPad, and iPod management.

Credit: DigiDNA

Turn your Mac into a true productivity powerhouse with this limited edition bundle that includes lifetime access to top-rated apps like XSplit VCam, PDF Reader Pro, Sticky Password, RealVPN, BuhoCleaner, and more. It’s valued at $1040, with lifetime access to a dozen apps, but you use the code CMSAVE40 to get the lot for just $17.99.

Credit: Escape Motions

PC users aren’t left out — this software bundle packs highly-rated options for recovering data, reinforcing security, erasing sensitive files, and organizing photos. A $219 value, you can snag all six apps for only $23.97 using code CMSAVE40.

Credit: Stellar Data Recovery

This lifetime subscription to WiredVibe gives you neuroscience-based visual and sound therapy optimized for getting work done, plus a Pomodoro timer, to-do list, and full virtual workspaces. It’s a $1198 value, but you can use the Cyber Monday code CMSAVE40 to get it for only $29.99.

Credit: WiredVibe

Set appointments, schedule meetings, and improve your workflow with this software rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on AppSumo. Get a one-year subscription for only $8.99 (regularly $29) and start saving loads of time. Just remember to enter the code CMSAVE40.

Credit: Probooking

Got a great idea for a business? A lifetime subscription to — on sale for only $29.99 (regularly $349) with code CMSAVE40 — can help you get your idea off the ground with in-depth courses, on-demand expert help, innovative software, and more.



Presentation and streaming app deals

Slidebean helps you create kickass presentations in just a few clicks, thanks to the power of AI and easy-to-use templates. Get a lifetime subscription and deliver better presentations for only $17.99 (regularly $480) when you enter the code CMSAVE40 at checkout.

Credit: Slidebean

Ideal for live streams, video calls, or online meetings, this premium tool lets you remove, replace, or blur your background without the need for a green screen. Plus, it’s only $17.40 for life (regularly $60) when you use the code CMSAVE40 at checkout.

Credit: SplitmediaLabs

Improve your presentation and communication skills with Orai’s interactive four-week public speaking course, plus a year’s access to the top-rated app that provides real-time feedback on key communication metrics, like pace, filler words, confidence, and more. Usually $200, you can use the code CMSAVE40 to slash the price down to just $90 for Cyber Monday.

Credit: Orai

Deliver rich, interactive presentations in the Zoom era with XSplit Presenter’s tools for adding multimedia, personality, flair, and more to your existing presentations. It works on all your favorite video-calling platforms and presentation tools (Powerpoint, Google Slides, Zoom, Teams, etc.) and is just $35.40 (regularly $200) for life with the code CMSAVE40.

Credit: XSplit