Save $50 on a 2TB portable SSD drive from Samsung – KnowTechie

Save $50 on a 2TB portable SSD drive from Samsung – KnowTechie

If you’re tired of getting data storage warnings from Apple or Google, you have a few options. Either pay up for extra storage, delete a chunk of large photos and videos hogging up all your space, and lastly: Move them over to an external SSD drive.

If the latter sounds like a better option (it is), get one of the best SSDs on the market right now. Right now, Samsung is offering up this 2TB solid-state drive for just $200. It typically sells for $250.

And if 2TB is just too much storage for you, you can also get the 1TB option at a discount too. Usually $139, you can get this for only $120. Of course, the better deal here is on the 2TB drive, but the choice is yours.

These SSDs are ideal for anyone with a mountain of large files, videos, and photos, hogging up precious storage space on their devices or the cloud. Unfortunately, cloud storage isn’t cheap these days, so ease the burden and move that date off of them into one of these.

Just be sure to jump on these discounts while they’re available. Samsung tells us they’re cutting them off after December 31, so the clock is ticking. And if you buy today, who knows, you could get them shipped before Christmas. Click here or the button below for more details.

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