Samsung’s new video tearjerker carries a message to Galaxy Note fans – PhoneArena

Samsung’s new video tearjerker carries a message to Galaxy Note fans – PhoneArena

Jan 22, 2022, 2:01 PM

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Apple isn’t the only company that can touch your heart with a television commercial. On Friday, Samsung released a video weighing in at nearly three minutes that is titled “We are behind every wish.” With the next unpacked event coming next month, a video like this is designed to whet the appetite for Samsung devices.The video is about a grandmother with a cognitive issue (Alzheimer’s?) whose granddaughter pops in every day to make sure that she is okay. When the video begins, we see that the grandmother is painting while her granddaughter approvingly looks on. But when the latter needs to leave, it appears as though the older woman is having trouble remembering her granddaughter’s name.

Samsung will touch your heart with this video

The younger woman, Elaina, gets into her car and reports back to her mom about “grandma’s” condition (“Yeah, she’s good”) and her activities (“she’s been painting”). Now it is the next day and Elaina lets herself into her grandmother’s home. Walking around the place, she finds some paintings that her grandma made of her. So she does what any loving granddaughter would do; she whipped out her Samsung Galaxy phone and snapped photos of them.

Yes, Elaina has a great idea and she starts working on her laptop to bring her plan to life. What is she doing? Patience. You’ll know soon enough. The next day Elaina approaches her grandmother and says “I’ve got something I’d like to show you.” And projected on the wall is a virtual art gallery of her grandmother’s paintings while virtual patrons of the arts walk around to view them.

It appears that the virtual gallery might have been streamed in real-time as comments from real viewers scroll up on the bottom corner of the projection. “Grandma,” Elaina says, “This is my gift.” Both share a smile and the camera zooms in on a painting of a younger Elaina at the center of the screen. Cue the tagline, “We are behind every wish.”

Samsung commented on the video by saying, “When innovation is powered by Samsung semiconductors, dreams and wishes can come true. From mobiles to the metaverse, AI and robots, semiconductors are behind significant innovations, making anything possible.Whatever you wish for, we are always behind it.”

Props to Samsung for a well-done video. With some editing, this could be turned into a 30 or 60-second ad. However, since it isn’t promoting a particular consumer device, you are more apt to see this played during Samsung’s next Unpacked event next month with February 9th tipped by Ice Universe to be the date. We expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, made up of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra (“the most noteworthy S series device,” says Samsung).

Sammy’s pun all but confirms the rumors about the Galaxy S22 Ultra

The pun made by Samsung is about the top-of-the-line Galaxy S22 Ultra’s strong resemblance to a Galaxy Note model with its squared-off corners, S Pen, and silo that is used to house the digital writing instrument. Samsung did not release a Galaxy Note model last year and the assumption was that the Note line was gone forever, replaced by Samsung’s focus on its foldable phones.

But Samsung did leave some bird crumbs, and when renders of the Galaxy S22 Ultra surfaced, the family resemblance made it clear what Samsung was going to do. So for those who had been wishing for a Galaxy Note 22, it looks like your dreams are about to come true next month. And that ties in with the title of the above video (which, as we pointed out, is also the tag line: “We are behind every wish.”

Score some perks by making a preorder reservation with Samsung for the Galaxy S22 series or the Galaxy Tab S8 line

During the unpacked event, we expect Samsung to also unveil the Galaxy Tab S8 series. You can now make reservations for both the Galaxy S22 series and the Galaxy Tab S8 line. While you are not preordering any device, registering will not only make it easier to submit your preorder when the time comes, you’ll also get a $50 Samsung Store credit toward accessories that you want to buy, and an extra $10 credit for those who preorder via Samsung’s own app.

Additionally, those who register will be able to trade in older handsets for as much as a $700 credit toward the new models.