Samsung spotlights AI expansion – Mobile World Live

Samsung spotlights AI expansion – Mobile World Live

Samsung executives highlighted the far-reaching impact of AI on society in a company event focused on the technology during which they explained its use had already moved beyond the electronics industry.

Kim Kinam, vice chairman and CEO of the vendor’s Device Solutions unit, told the Samsung AI Forum advancements are beginning to reach fields including basic science, though noted there are challenges to ensuring the technology can scale.

“We expect AI to provide solutions to social issues such as climate change and environmental pollution in the future.”

Kim argued the unprecedented speed of Covid-19 (coronavirus) vaccine development was only possible by using AI to analyse large amounts of real-world data.

Samsung is using AI to optimise development and manufacturing processes, and is “open to discussing how to tackle important common problems with researchers from all over the world,” Kim said.

Sebastian Seung, president and head of Samsung Research (pictured), explained AI is revolutionising all aspects of the company’s R&D.

He noted AI had delivered new creative options for smartphone cameras, and was providing fresh means to manage devices including TVs and air conditioners.

Seung highlighted how the technology enables automated vacuum cleaners to create indoor 3D maps and detect obstacles as they clean rooms.

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