Samsung SDS Provides Answer to Hybrid Working Worries – UC Today

Samsung SDS Provides Answer to Hybrid Working Worries – UC Today

As the hybrid world continues to embrace employees back into offices across the globe, the necessity of these spaces has changed from a day to day requirement to a place to get away from the monotony of virtual meetings.  

However, with many still hesitant to return, ensuring that employees feel comfortable coming in and being productive requires management tools. 

In many examples of the way hybrid offices will work, employees meet with colleagues for specific meetings to talk through and flesh out ideas or find a place without distraction to get some work done. In every scenario the idea of hot desking and meeting in specific spaces is a prominent feature, both of which require an effective management platform for employees to plan their day.  

In comes Samsung with it’s CR2 Shared Space Management solution. Using the solution, employees are informed on the workspaces available and have the ability to manage the experience of everyone in each space in a building. 

Key features

The Samsung CR2 management solution hands employees the ability to book conference rooms, meeting spaces and hot desks. Through the portal, physical displays or integration into Exchange, employees can check the availability of office spaces and book them to fit their diary. Employees can search for specific rooms or base a search on space or room type, capacity, or the amenities in the different rooms. The booking can then be shared to the people who need to be present, be it inside or outside the organisation.  

From that booking, employees can manage their reserved space and make requests based on what they are likely to need, including a podium and specific room layouts, catering requests throughout the day, and extra cleaning. The CR2 solution also has a layer of artificial intelligence that integrates with IoT sensors in order to work out whether a room is in use. If the room is not in use it can be made available on the management system for colleagues to use. 

When booking meetings, Samsung know that a lot of those interactions are going to be with professionals from different companies. Therefore, when employees book a meeting with someone outside of their organisation, there are options that can be ticked to prepare for the visit. Through the meeting space solution, attendees can fill out a questionnaire to verify their covid or vaccination status, and upload photos for their badge to speed up the process when they arrive. When they turn up, employees can be notified when their visitors are in the lobby and visitors can grab their passes and scan a QR code with information about the building including way finding to the meeting and points of interest. 

As with any management solution, information is key. Being able to convey that information is also crucial. Therefore Samsung SDS has teamed up with the Samsung Display department to include two forms of digital displays. Large displays of around 55 inches, contain four modes – welcome, employee dashboard, event list and wayfinding- depending on where the display is located; all of which can be brought up on a personal device via a QR code.  

Smaller displays of around 13 inches are placed on the outside of the meeting rooms and are lit up in green or red depending on whether the room is available or in use. These touch-sensitive screens show the schedule of the room as standard. A swipe to the left brings up the ability to send a repair ticket and a swipe to the right shows other rooms that are available, where they can be found and  the user has the ability to book rooms too. 

All these features are built on a web-based portal that gives employees and visitors all the information and tasks they need. Through the portal, visitors can be sent wayfinding and informational QR Codes and access their personal schedule, and will be locked out of the system based on their location or time since their first log in. For the building managers, CR2 allows for efficient, automated room management, visitor induction, repair ticketing and usage data that informs future decisions about shared spaces. 


Samsung SDS Lead of Solution Services, Theresa Park, said that although demand for solutions such as the CR2 predated the pandemic, the rise of hybrid work created increased interest in space management solutions to understand how their employees are feeling about returning to the office. 

“A lot of facility or workspace planning teams that I’m speaking to are preparing for the day that people come back, but are unsure when they’re going to go back permanently,” said Park. 

“Without solutions like Samsung CR2, it is really hard to understand what employees’ hybrid working preferences are and this type of preparation/solution is a small transition that businesses can do to understand that trend right now.  

“I think that timing is really important too and once everyone has come back, the enterprise can begin to provide the perfect workspace that is needed for people who are willing to come back or who need to come back”