Samsung Rollable Smartwatch Incoming? Patent Points Towards Futuristic Timepiece – Forbes

Samsung Rollable Smartwatch Incoming? Patent Points Towards Futuristic Timepiece – Forbes

In the past, Samsung has launched smartwatches that come in two different screen sizes, but it looks as if its next tech-tastic timepiece could offer two screen variations on a single device.

Confused? Take a look at this patent design, uncovered by the guys over at Lets Go Digital, which shows off a smartwatch with a “rollable display”:

Samsung Rollable Display Patent

Lets Go Digital

The patent, which was filed back in June but only published last week, refers to “an electronic device comprising… a display moving unit which controls the display to change the size of the display.”

It describes how “the display can be expanded by being rolled out from the center portion… and can be reduced by being rolled into the center position.”

The bigger screen option is said to add 40 per cent more space to the setup, and it’s even hinted that the middle (i.e. ‘hidden’) section contains a camera, which is only revealed when in the bigger-screen option.

I’m guessing the expanded screen could be useful for apps such as detailed running trackers, which need a big more display real estate to provide information to the wearer; or maybe it’s just to allow extra widgets on the normal watch face.

Who knows? But what’s obvious is that it would be pretty unique in the smartwatch world.

Samsung likes unique, don’t forget. It already has the likes of the ZFold 3 smartphone and the Korean giant also launched the Gear S smartwatch way back in 2017, with a curved AMOLED screen.

Heck, the original Gear smartwatches, which pre-date the original Apple Watch even packed in cameras.

There’s no details as to when we might see this funky smartwatch but, if or when it does launch, there will be a ready-made audience seemingly waiting for it.

Global smartwatch shipments increased 16 per cent in the third quarter of this year; continuing double-digit growth from the previous quarter, according to Counterpoint Research’s recently published Global Smartwatch Model Tracker.

And Samsung is creating some pretty big waves in the smartwatch industry according to that report.

Counterpoint Research Senior Analyst, Sujeong Lim said, “Samsung performed better than expected in the third quarter.

“Galaxy Watch 4 series shipments were much higher than expected, more than 60% of the total shipments were sold in North America and Europe, where the share of mid-to-high price range models is high.”