Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ faces issues after software update – TechGenyz

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ faces issues after software update – TechGenyz

Some users of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ are facing problems with their tabs after the software upgrade. Several users of the tab have addressed their grievances on the Samsung Community webpage. One of the complaints listed there describes that after updating the software to One UI 3, the user is facing issues several times a day while scrolling. The tablet automatically registers rapid-fire taps wherever the finger falls.

Samsung support only recommended formatting the device, but it did not make any difference, neither did the repairing. However, the user also mentions that after the reformatting and the repair, both of which failed to solve the problem, the user received a refund, and bought a new Galaxy Tab S7+. That was not the end of his problems as the brand new Galaxy Tab S7+ had the same problems again.

One way to describe this problem is that there must be some sort of software problem in the OS.

Several other users complained of the same problem. But the fact that the generic bouts of reformatting and repairing did not solve the problem only means that Samsung is yet to locate the source of this problem, and then taken necessary steps to eradicate the issue. This could also be the result of a few faulty tabs, but if that was the case, Samsung would have called back the faulty batch of tabs.

Under the comments section of the original post, another user has perhaps given hope, in the sense that the user mentions that following a few steps solved the problem. The user described that under the settings, there is an option called “game launcher”. After turning it on, the user stumbled upon “game booster”, and within that settings select “no” to change the refresh rate to 60 when a game is activated. After that, he turned touch protection “on”, and the time out for touch protection to “never”. The user also mentions that this has fixed the issue on his Galaxy Tab S7+ tab, but it is not clear if this solution holds.