Samsung Galaxy S21 warning: Why you should probably sell this smartphone today – Daily Express

Samsung Galaxy S21 warning: Why you should probably sell this smartphone today – Daily Express

Anyone with a Galaxy S21 tucked in their pocket might want to consider heading to a trade-in website as soon as possible. These current Samsung flagships are about to be superseded by the all-new Galaxy S22 and that means their second-hand value will plummet.

The next generation of Samsung Galaxy S handsets will be unveiled to the world on February 9, with rumours suggesting that a total of three new phones will be revealed including a super premium Ultra model that could feature the return of the S Pen stylus. That’s an accessory we haven’t seen since Samsung ditched its Note range of phones back in 2020.

A faster processor, improved cameras and longer battery life also seem likely along with a refreshed design and much faster charging. With big upgrades on their way, the S21 will soon look more than a little outdated and that will almost certainly hit its re-sale price.

Right now, you can get around £350 for a Galaxy S21 on sites such as MusicMagpie but don’t expect things to stay that high for much longer.

If this phone follows its predecessors then things could fall fast. At this point last year, a Galaxy S20 was fetching around £350 on trade-in sites but now you’ll only get around £230 when handing it over.

It’s the same pattern each year. When Samsung’s 2019 Galaxy S10 arrived on the scene, trade-in prices for the S9 began to take a serious hit with prices instantly dropping by around £50.

The same then happened to the Galaxy S10 when the S20 launched back in 2020. According to the team at MusicMagpie, Samsung’s Galaxy S Series phones usual depreciates by around 10 percent three months after the next device is launched.

However, there have been times when this figure has shot to up to a whopping 21 percent. If that happened to the S21 then owners could see as much as £68 wiped from the value in just a few weeks.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that Samsung is likely to run numerous promotions for fans wanting to buy the S22 which might include free gifts when you pre-order and the option to hand over your current device for money off the latest model.

Hopefully, all will be revealed on February 9 during Samsung’s Unpacked event, just keep an eye on those trade-in deals as you might find yourself out of pocket if wait too long.