Samsung Galaxy for Work campaign highlights the importance of high-tech – SamMobile

Samsung Galaxy for Work campaign highlights the importance of high-tech – SamMobile

Last updated: November 17th, 2021 at 14:02 UTC+01:00

Samsung has launched a new initiative to help businesses keep their employees as companies recover from the challenges faced during the pandemic. A recent study shows that one of the biggest challenges for CEOs today is to retain top talent, as employees — especially in the finance and public safety sectors — now put a higher value on companies that can provide cutting-edge technologies designed to improve their workflow.

The study shows that the level of job satisfaction for high-performing employees is tied closely to the level of technology they can access. 80% of workers participating in the study claimed that they’re more willing to join a company if it has the latest technologies, as this should help them do their job better and elevate their performance.

To address the challenges faced by companies, Samsung has developed powerful enterprise tools that appeal to employees, such as Knox for Enterprise Mobility for IT Managers who want a one-stop shop for everything they need to keep devices secure and operational.

The recent survey shows that 100% of existing Samsung enterprise customers want to continue using the company’s enterprise solution, as they’re fast and reliable.

You don’t need a ping-pong table or a hot-dog vending machine (they’re a nice touch, though…)

Samsung’s new Galaxy for Work campaign is accompanied by a couple of videos that are meant to highlight the importance of relevant technologies at the workplace. Oddly enough, the two ads poke fun at the idea of recreational spaces in enterprise environments and suggest that employees would rather use high-tech solutions to improve their work rather than take some time off to cool down. Which sounds fair, except people do need to take breaks and wind down.

But according to the campaign ads, instead of playing a game of ping-pong with colleagues on your break, you could be looking at graphs on your Galaxy device. And why would you need a vending machine at the workplace? Technology is soul food… Or at least that’s what Samsung’s enterprise ads seemingly imply. Perhaps the next campaign will address burnout at the workplace to balance things out.

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