Samsung CES Announcements: Bespoke Appliances and Sustainable Models – Men’s Journal

Samsung CES Announcements: Bespoke Appliances and Sustainable Models – Men’s Journal

Big things are coming in bespoke packages from Samsung. The electronics giant is using its considerable market power to create home appliances in a more eco-conscious way, while also announcing some cool new home appliances that are entirely customizable. During Samsung’s CES 2022 pre-show keynote, the company focused on putting sustainability at the forefront of its business, from using low-impact product manufacturing practices to producing footprint-reducing packaging for a more environmentally friendly customer experience.

Details on this eco-focused initiative include: collaborations and new technology to combat microplastic pollution, including membership in the Home Connectivity Alliance and teaming up with Patagonia; helping consumers reduce their energy consumption through a partnership with Q Cells to establish a new Zero Energy Home Integration feature for SmartThings Energy; cutting back on waste by increasing the amount of recycled plastic used to manufacture its home appliances to 30 percent by 2024, and developing new recycled plastic materials; and lastly, adapting eco-conscious product packaging that can also be repurposed.

Updated Bespoke Home Appliances

Fitting in with its push for appliances that are more eco-friendly is a more robust Bespoke line, including its first-ever Bespoke French Door refrigerator, along with other appliances like the Bespoke Jet cordless stick vacuum cleaner and Bespoke Washer and Dryer.

“The Bespoke concept was not just designed for the kitchen,” said Kanghyup Lee, executive vice president and head of sales and marketing of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “We believe that consumers should have the freedom to customize their entire home to match their lifestyle needs. This expansion of the lineup empowers consumers to create living spaces that truly reflect their tastes and aesthetics—using Samsung’s meaningful innovations and technology.”

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Bespoke French Door Refrigerator

Samsung’s Bespoke French Door refrigerator will be available in 3- and 4-door configurations—in both full- and counter-depth models—and can use the upgraded Family Hub option, a smart feature that connects Samsung smart appliances and devices. The new fridge will come in 12 colors and either a glass or steel finish, and can be configured from thousands of color combinations.

The refrigerator also has Samsung’s latest storage and cooling innovations like the Beverage Center and Dual Auto Ice Maker that gives users quick access to cold drinks, while the FlexZone makes sure to keep ingredients at the correct temperature to optimize freshness.

Family Hub for 2022 will also support Alexa in certain regions, so you can access various Amazon services, including Amazon Music and smart water filter reordering services—right from your refrigerator. View Inside has also been upgraded with better camera technology to allow you to see information on food labels more closely, discern fridge contents more clearly, decipher expiration dates at a glance, and more.


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Bespoke Jet Stick Vacuum

The Bespoke Jet has a modern, upscale design but is still powerful and light with 210 watts of suction power and a multi-layered filtration system to trap 99.999 percent of dust. One of the neatest features is the All-in-One Clean Station, which means that once you’re done cleaning, you can just dock the vacuum cleaner and it will automatically empty the dust bag—no standing over a trash can and dealing with a dirt explosion—as well as auto-charge.

It will come in Midnight Blue, Misty White, and Woody Green—colors that more seamlessly blend in with your home’s decor.

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Bespoke Washer and Dryer

The Bespoke Washer and Dryer boast smart, cutting-edge features. An AI-powered Smart Dial prioritizes frequently used settings by learning usage patterns and laundry routines, which helps minimize work and simplifies the washing and drying process. The AI OptiWash function helps dial in wash settings, as well as estimates time and detergent levels for every load, so you don’t have to guess the best settings. With MultiControl, you can access both the smart washer and dryer from the washer control panel when stacked together.

Both the washer and dryer have a flat-front design and will come in multiple colors, including black and navy.

For more information about the Bespoke product lineup, click here.

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