Roundup: African health tech firm Helium Health acquires Meddy, Hexarad creates share scheme to attract radiologists and more briefs – Mobihealth News

Roundup: African health tech firm Helium Health acquires Meddy, Hexarad creates share scheme to attract radiologists and more briefs – Mobihealth News

Helium Health acquires doctor booking platform Meddy Inc.

African health tech provider Helium Health has announced the acquisition of doctor booking platform, Meddy Inc., which has operations in Qatar and the UAE.

Helium, which is present in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, Kenya, and Uganda, plans to deploy its electronic medical record (EMR) technology and healthcare financial solutions across the GCC market. 

Adegoke Olubusi, Helium CEO, said: “In Qatar, UAE and KSA, a great market opportunity exists to work with care providers to improve patient interaction, make healthcare data more interoperable, and to improve revenue cycle management.”


Teleradiology company Hexarad creates share scheme 

Radiologists working for UK startup Hexarad can now earn shares in the company in addition to their remote reporting fees.

The scheme is partially motivated by the need to attract and retain high-quality radiologists at a time of an ongoing global shortage.

Hexarad CEO, Dr Farzana Rahman, said: “We believe that offering our radiologists equity participation is going to be truly disruptive within the teleradiology marketplace. It will help to address key concerns voiced by radiologists and help to make our reporters feel truly valued and rewarded for their expertise.”


Enovacom launches solution that centralises patient data in a single app

Orange Business Services health tech subsidiary, Enovacom, has announced the launch of its app which centralises and leverages patient healthcare data.

Enovacom Patient Link is available in France and will be rolled-out in more countries next year. The interoperable solution can be used by healthcare providers to facilitate administrative formalities, manage care pathways and share patient data.

Laurent Frigara, Enovacom deputy CEO, said: “The aim is to have a positive impact both on the daily lives of medical staff and on the healthcare experience for patients, while leveraging data.”


Five new rare disease partners join Healthinote platform 

Cognitant Group has added five rare disease charities to the bank of approved content partners for its Healthinote health information platform. 

The digital tool, which is integrated with triaging and remote consultation company eConsult, can be accessed by more than 3,000 GP practices in the UK. 

Charities AKU Society, Niemann-Pick UK (NPUK), Pompe Support Network, the Cure & Action for Tay-Sachs (CATS) Foundation and the NCBRS Worldwide Foundation, have joined the platform.

Lee Reavey, cofounder and chief executive, NCBRS Worldwide Foundation said: “With fewer than 220 confirmed cases worldwide, even most medical professional have never heard of Nicolaides-Baraitser syndrome. This is why we are proud to become a partner of Healthinote.”


Study finds OptimiseRx can improve antipsychotic prescribing

A study of how NHS primary care prescribers use medicines optimisation solution FDB OptimiseRx, found it could provide clinical benefits and financial impact by reducing antipsychotic medicines for at risk patients. 

OptimiseRx, which is used by more than 4,000 GP practices in England and Wales, sends messages when a prescription is not in line with best practice guidance.

In research commissioned by FDB, Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN) carried out a health economic analysis of three messages in OptimiseRx relating to antipsychotic drug prescriptions.

Analysis modelling over a five-year period forecast benefits associated with the messages, including reduced incidence of diabetes and treatment costs, reduction in stroke incidence, reduction in outpatient and inpatient costs associated with tardive dyskinesia and reduced prescribing costs.