Rail News – Rail supplier news from Hitachi Rail, Thales, Lumibird, Nokia and HDR (Jan. 18). For Railroad Career Professionals – Progressive Rail Roading

Rail News – Rail supplier news from Hitachi Rail, Thales, Lumibird, Nokia and HDR (Jan. 18). For Railroad Career Professionals – Progressive Rail Roading

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Rail News: Railroading Supplier Spotlight

Examples of the sensors included in Hitachi Rail & IMT’s fully digital freight monitoring services.

Photo – Hitachi Rail


— by Hitachi Rail


Hitachi Rail and Intermodal Telematics (IMT) have established an exclusive partnership to offer a digital freight monitoring service designed to improve freight-rail efficiency and safety. IMT is a market leader in the development of monitoring sensors and telematic solutions for freight rail cars and containers. The sensors verify the cars’ exact location, loading status, the open/close condition of doors and hatches, the temperature and pressure of cargo and condition of bogies and wheelsets. The data is sent to the cloud via a solar-powered GPS device and allows the condition of the train and its cargo to be monitored in real time, as well as alerting operators about potential issues. The new partnership will complement Hitachi’s acquisition of Perpetuum, Hitachi Rail officials said in a press release.

Thales announced it will modify the ERTMS (levels 1 and 2) installations, telecommunications and energy for the Madrid Chamartin Clara Campoamor station. The project will cost about 8.7 million euros and take 30 months to complete. The station is being remodeled to accommodate an increase in traffic as well as train movement and passengers, since it will involve a total of six additional tracks for high-speed rail. When completed, Chamartin Clara Campoamor will be Spain’s largest rail station.

Lumibird Canada, Thales and Lassoed School of Engineering at York University announced the successful completion of the OnTRAC project, a 30-month program to develop, prototype and validate the feasibility and functionality of a sensor fusion system built on LIDAR technology. It is designed to be integrated with autonomous rail vehicles for the purpose of obstacle detection, classification and tracking in varying weather conditions.

Nokia Corp. announced the deployment of its Scene Analytics solution for Baselland Transport AG (BLT) in Munchenstein, Switzerland. The AI-based system applies computer vision and machine learning technologies for real-time monitoring and analysis, to ensure the safety of railroad crossings. As the first deployment of this kind in Europe, Nokia’s collaboration with Schweizer Electronics and BLT demonstrated the reliability of AI-based railroad safety solutions for daily use.

HDR Inc. has promoted Joanna Alvord to transportation project controls director. She will provide strategic and technical leadership to further expand HDR’s project controls practice and its application on transportation infrastructure projects. Most recently, Alvord was HDR’s manager of project controls cross sector. She has more than 20 years of innovative digital project management experience.

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