PS5 SSD: Samsung Drives the New Benchmark – Pirate Press – Pirate Press

PS5 SSD: Samsung Drives the New Benchmark – Pirate Press – Pirate Press

The Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD, which is one of the best PS5 SSDs, has now become even better.

The Samsung 980 Pro used to require a manual heatsink before it could be utilized with a PS5 console, but the manufacturer has now developed a purchasing option that includes the heatsink built-in.

According to IGN, the lightning-fast Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD may be purchased directly from Samsung, with choices for both with and without a pre-installed heatsink.

It’s also worth noting that the Samsung 980 Pro is only compatible with PCs and PS5, so if you’re looking for an additional storage device this Black Friday, keep that in mind.

Xbox X/S owners will need to search for alternatives, such as the Seagate Storage Expansion Card.

If you can afford it, a better storage option…

We’re ecstatic Samsung is now providing a risk-free means to install its 980 Pro NVMe SSD to PS5 consoles, even if the cost is slightly increased from the base models’ already costly price tags.

If you don’t have the technical know-how to properly fit your own heatsink over an SSD but do have the cash, we think it’s worth investing in one of the finest console SSDs available.

It’s not essential to rush out and buy the 500GB model, but it can’t hurt to wait for a reduction if you’re after the 2TB SSD version.

At 449, that’s almost equivalent to the cost of the PS5.

Nonetheless, owing to its high price, it is understandable. A 2TB SSD is not something readily available; rather, smaller storage capacities like 500GB and 1TB are more typical choices.

However, the 980 Pro’s pre-installed heatsink models are 20 cheaper than their non-heatsinked counterparts.

So, if you can spare the cash for either the 1TB or 2TB model, we’d strongly suggest opting for one of these options. If you’re not technologically inclined, this reduces both your and your PS5’s risk of failure.