Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy S22 PERFORMANCE ISSUES?? iPhone 13 DELAYS & more! (video) – Pocketnow

Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy S22 PERFORMANCE ISSUES?? iPhone 13 DELAYS & more! (video) – Pocketnow

The official news today begin with Facebook and Snapchat and believe me it’s not for anything positive. We all know how all of these companies revenue took a hit after Apple rolled out App Tracking Transparency which resulted in ad campaigns trying to convince you that tracking is good for you. Well, a new report from the Financial Times clams that services like Facebook and Snapchat have found a way around Apple’s controls in order to track users. Apparently there’s a loophole in Apple’s guidelines that allows developers to track users, even if they disabled tracking. The report mentions that this is an “unacknowledged shift that lets companies follow a much looser interpretation of this policy”. The guidelines tell developers that the apps “may not derive data from a device for the purpose of uniquely identifying it”. It basically means that services and apps are still tracking users and collecting anonymized data from a group of users rather than collecting it individually. I know, it gets kind of technical but the report essential says that Snapchat is allegedly still selling data of their users and Facebook is looking for new ways to track users that go past Apple’s guidelines.

Let’s talk more directly about Cupertino for the next couple of segments, starting with products we might be getting next year! A couple of days ago we got an entire roadmap from Mark Gurman and now, Ming Chi Kuo is chiming in. According to his latest report, Kuo claims that Apple will be launching three new Apple Watch models in 2022. These being the Apple Watch Series 8, an Apple Watch SE refresh and a new rugged variant that’s more focused on sports, pretty much agreeing with Gurman’s report. He also talked about the iPhone SE, claiming that it’ll most likely arrive with the same design and the same 3 Gigs of RAM we got last year, but he expects it to improve in 2023 by packing 4 Gigs of RAM and possibly a larger display. Finally, Kuo also talked about an update to the AirPods Pros. He claims that Cupertino will finally release the AirPods Pro 2 in late 2022 with a “significantly upgraded” chip. Other reports from Bloomberg also claim that we may be getting new health sensors and a new stem-less design that would resemble the Beats Studio Buds or Galaxy Buds. So yeah, I wonder how the chip shortage will be affecting Apple because it feels like everyday we hear about a new product that’s coming next year.

Yeah, let’s talk about that shortage, and particularly with this years iPhones as things don’t seem to be getting better for Apple. Last week we talked about how they’ve been struggling to meet the demand they have for the 13 Series due to this problem and how it might affect their sales. Now we have a report that comes from Nikkei Asia, saying that Apple had to halt their iPhone production for several days due to missing components, and we know which these are. Cupertino usually works overtime during the holidays to be able to meet demand but, a supply chain manager claims that “due to the limited components and chips, it made no sense to work overtime these holidays.. something that has never happened before”. We also know that they’ve reduced their projections by 10 million units but this report mentions that their production in both September and October dropped by 20%, with the iPad production dropping by 50% as they’re prioritizing phones over tablets. So, it looks like the situation isn’t getting any better and it won’t for the foreseeable future, let us know if this has affected you guys because.. I gave up on that PS5,

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Samsung and the Galaxy S22 Series as it’s been a few days since we last got some new information. Starting off with a new tweet from Ice Universe, apparently the new Exynos 2200 which was supposed to finally give us a better Samsung chip actually won’t have any advantage against its competitors. We thought that the AMD GPU would fix things but Ice mentions that it might still be inferior to Snapdragon, even if CPU performance will be the same. Speaking of which, he also claims that the CPUs of the new Snapdragon, Dimensity and Exynos chips have no significant improvement in performance or power consumption and that Apple is still ahead in this department. But moving on to a more positive note, let’s talk about price tags. According to a new report, the new Galaxy S22 would arrive with an 800 dollar price tag in the States which is the same price tag we got with the base S21. We didn’t get prices for the other two models but, the price for the Ultra has been going down ever since it’s original release. Let’s just hope the shift to making it a Note won’t affect that. Samsung is allegedly hoping to sell around 14 million S22 Units, 8 million S22 plus and 11 million for the S22 Ultra, meaning they’re really banking on the smaller variant

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