Norway Webcams: Enjoy Live 24/7 Views From Norway – Life in Norway

Norway Webcams: Enjoy Live 24/7 Views From Norway – Life in Norway

If you’ve ever wondered what Norway is like right this minute, there’s an easy way to find out. Live webcams in Norway are free and plentiful. Check them out here.

To some, the term ‘webcam’ conjures up memories of the early days of the internet, before we all had smartphones. I remember vividly exploring the world by seeing grainy footage of tourist attractions around the world.

But they are still alive and well! Over the past two years, many people have been unable to travel to Norway. Taking a look at some of these live images is the next best thing.

At Life in Norway HQ we don’t run any webcams ourselves. But we’ve pulled together the best we could find from around the country. We’ve included the live feed where possible, but for others you’ll have to click over to the website provided.

As we discover new webcam we’ll add them here, so be sure to bookmark this page. Whenever you need a glimpse of Norway, you’ll know where to come!

Oslo webcams

We’ll start with the capital city of Norway, Oslo. The Port of Oslo maintains several webcams. The best of the bunch is the Raadhuskaia webcam in front of Oslo city hall.

Screenshot from Oslo City Hall webcam.

There are several webcams that document the ongoing urban development in the city, but these are of less interests to tourists.

If you’re thinking of planning a winter sports trip to Norway, you don’t need to head to the mountains. One of the country’s best-known ski resorts is in the capital itself. This Tryvann webcam on YouTube gives you an idea of what to expect:

Bergen webcams

With its mountainous setting and historic downtown district, it’s no surprise that live webcams from Bergen are some of the most popular online.

Local newspaper Bergens Tidende maintains a series of webcams in and around the city. The Vågen/Bryggen webcam pans around the Vågen harbour giving you an excellent view of the famous colourful buildings of the Bryggen neighbourhood.

A screenshot from the Vågen/Bryggen webcam in the rain.

The view of the city from Mount Fløyen is one of the best-known in the whole city. You’re sure to know the one. Tourists looking down on the Vågen harbour and the Nordnes peninsula with Askøy in the background.

It has city, fjords and mountains all in one view. Check out the Fløyen webcam here.

Oslo to Bergen railway webcams

Finse is one of the most remote places on the Norwegian railway network. It’s impossible to reach by road, so the train provides …….