Nokia’s new campus in Oulu expected to be ready by 2025 – Devdiscourse

Nokia said on Friday it is proceeding with the plan to build a new campus in Oulu, Finland. The campus construction will begin after the mutually agreed road construction work in the Linnanmaa-Ritaharju area of the city is completed and the campus is expected to be ready during 2025.

The Finnish firm has reached an agreement with the selected financing partner and negotiations with the developer candidates who will be responsible for the turnkey delivery of the construction project are underway.

The design phase is also proceeding at speed with a dedicated project team that includes a project management specialist, business coordinators, campus team members, a user experience (UX) specialist, architects and design specialists in various fields of expertise, Nokia said in a press release.

“We are thrilled to be able to proceed with our plan to build a new Home of Radio campus in Oulu. The new campus follows our vision of connecting people, technology and nature. We want to build a functional, scalable and sustainable campus to enable the best possible workplace experience that meets the needs for flexibility, productivity, collaboration and innovation,” stated Erja Sankari, Head of Nokia Oulu site and Vice President, Global Supply Chain, at Nokia.

The road relocation in the Linnanmaa-Ritaharju area of Oulu city will be completed during the summer of 2022.