Nokia XR20 vs Nokia X20 (Video) | Which One Is Suitable For You? – Nokiamob

Nokia XR20 vs Nokia X20 (Video) | Which One Is Suitable For You? – Nokiamob

Nokia XR20 vs X20

At this point in time, it doesn’t seem like we are getting a flagship any time soon. However Nokia Mobile does currently have two very different yet similar devices if you’re in the market for a midranger, the Nokia XR20 and the Nokia X20. So which one is more suitable for you? How do their cameras compare in terms of image quality and processing? And why is there an almost $200 gap between them if they share the same screen (almost) and processor? That is what this video is trying to answer.

While it’s obviously not a clear win for the more expensive Nokia XR20, the additional hardware features alongside the protection elements are the key to the difference in price. The Nokia X20’s camera continues to impress with its neutral colors and balanced processing, even if I personally prefer the way the XR20 processes images in night mode. But we would love to hear your thoughts on this comparison and specifically the camera comparison. Which one do you think captures the better images? Which one has processing that you find more appealing? Share your thoughts with us.

If you own one of those two devices, what are the things you like, and what are the things you don’t? Hopefully, your answers will be able to help people who are still on the fence on whether they should make the jump or not.