Nokia T20 review: Budget tablet can beat the iPad but not where it really matters – Daily Express

Nokia T20 review: Budget tablet can beat the iPad but not where it really matters – Daily Express

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The iPad remains the most popular tablet on the planet, but these devices aren’t exactly cheap. Even the most recent entry-level iPad from Apple, which was refreshed late last year, will set you back over £315 and that model doesn’t even include an all-screen design, facial recognition, or the latest processor.  If that sounds like too much for your bank balance to cope with, then there are some cheaper Android-powered options including the new T20 from the team at Nokia.

Yes, the famous phone firm – which is now owned by HMD Global – has its very own tablet which can be yours for just £179.99. That’s a solid price but can this device really keep pace with the iPad and should you wait a little longer and save some extra pennies for a trip to the Apple store. has been checking out this device from Nokia and here’s what we think of it.

Nokia T20 review

Although the T20 has a budget price tag you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you lift it from its packaging. This tablet features a metal case that feels incredibly premium in your hands and, unlike the more expensive iPad, there are no chunky bezels around the display with the T20 getting a neat all-screen design.

It’s really impressive and looks way more expensive than its £180 price tag suggests. Hit the power button and the 10.4-inch 2K display springs to life with it offering some crisp and bright visuals.

There’s even a “Brightness Boost” setting which turns things up to 11 and really helps when trying to watch a bit of Netflix in the great outdoors. It’s a decent enough display but don’t expect to see the vibrant, punchy colours found on more premium devices as things can look a bit dull, washed out and muted at times.

Nokia T20 review (Image: NOKIA)

The display is good but it does lack punchy colours (Image: NOKIA)

Of course, tablets are built to perform an array of tasks including playing games, browsing the web, answering emails or binging on boxsets and the T20 is just about powerful enough to cope with your daily digital life.

With full access to Google’s Play Store you’ll find everything you can possibly need to keep you entertained although start trying to do anything too strenuous on it and things instantly feel very stuttery and sluggishly slow which is pretty annoying.

Launch websites or try and whizz through your YouTube clips and you certainly won’t find the same slick experience as found on the A13-powered iPad, which breezes through the same tasks.

The T20 is a cheap tablet so maybe our expectations are too high, but it’s such a shame Nokia hasn’t been able to create the same premium experience found with the hardware as does with its software.

So the screen is adequate and the power just about tolerable but, like the excellent design, there are some other things that really impress.

Despite the low price you get a premium metal finish (Image: NOKIA)

You get a very good battery life that’ll easily last a long haul flight and for an extra £10 you can get a model that’s 4G connected which means it will stay hooked up to the web even when away from fixed-line broadband. To put that into some perspective Apple charges an extra £120 for its iPad with cellular connectivity. Ouch!

There’s also 64GB of internal storage inside the Nokia T20 (which can be expanded to 512GB via an SD card), plus you’ll get stereo speakers for improved audio and facial recognition for easy screen unlocking. Nokia has also included its OZO Playback technology which brings some added clarity and richness to the sound.

This tablet is powered by Android 11 with Nokia keeping things clean and not full of bloatware apps you’ll never end up using. The firm also promises three years of free upgrades to help keep things up to date and running smoothly.

The Nokia T20 features a neat all-screen design (Image: NOKIA)

One final addition that’s worth a mention will certainly please anyone thinking of buying this device for their kids. Nokia has included something called Google Kids Space which allows parents to take full control of the device and monitor what is being downloaded and installed.

This option also creates a safe area for the younger members of the household with only age-appropriate apps and content available to view.

Sorry to end things on a negative but we can’t finish this review without mentioning the pretty dire rear camera which really isn’t going to win you any photography awards. In fact, Nokia would have been better off not including one at all things are so bad.

Nokia T20 review: Final Verdict

PROS: Premium design • Affordable price • Good battery life • Android updates for three years
CONS: Processor isn’t fast enough • Dire camera • Screen lacks punchy colours

The T20 definitely isn’t perfect but, for the price, it offers some excellent value for money. The design feels super-premium and there are plenty of nice features such as facial recognition, good battery life, and 4G connectivity that you’d only expect to see on high-priced devices.

Those three years of software updates and the option to make it safe for kids to use will also put your mind at rest.

There’s plenty to like but we do have some issues including the washed-out colours on the screen and lack of punch from the processor.

If you’re looking for a real powerhouse that will blast you through your daily dose of emails, browsing and game playing then we’d recommend spending a little extra and buying an iPad. However, if you simply want a tablet for the odd movie and to keep the kids quiet in the back of the car you can’t really go wrong.