Nokia re-releases classic phone for 20th anniversary – it’s under £60 and it’s got Snake… – The Sun

Nokia re-releases classic phone for 20th anniversary – it’s under £60 and it’s got Snake… – The Sun

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Nokia has rolled out a new version of its classic phone the 6310.

The iconic ‘brick’ comes with a few new specs – but it still features Snake, the legendary that kept phone owners entertained long before the days of Instagram, TikTok and Candy Crush.


20 years on, Nokia’s classic 6310 ‘brick’ phone has been re-released

Upgrades include a colour display (not touchscreen), plus a rear camera and access to news channels and radio stations.

Nobody could accuse Nokia of rolling out a cutting-edge smartphone – but the new 6310 is perfect for anybody after a phone on a super-tight budget.

The original ‘brick’ was also famed for its ruggedness, and this new model still sports the same ultra-durable build.

This handset comes in at just £59.99 on the Nokia website.

In recent years, there’s been a rising appetite trend for simpler phones, and the Nokia 6310 might just become a trailblazer.

More and more people are casting aside their smartphones in favour of these modest devices, keen to avoid excessive screen time and the extortionate costs of handsets like the iPhone 13 Pro.

We’re earmarking it as a great Christmas stock-filler – especially if you know someone who’s in need of temporary phone before upgrading to something a little bit more 2021.

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