Nokia E71 | Style and Substance (video) – Nokiamob

Nokia E71 | Style and Substance (video) – Nokiamob

Nokia E71

In this episode of nostalgia, we take a look at a phone that was incredibly well regarding by fans and critics alike back in 2008, the Nokia E71. Combining a very functional form factor, and a very sleek stainless steel build, this one is definitely for the history books. You can watch the video below:

At the time, I opted for its sleek slider sibling, the Nokia E66. But the E71 had a much broader appeal to productivity enthusiasts at a time where Blackberry devices were very popular. From a hardware and software point of view, the E71 was almost flawless, and despite the form factor being used by the E72 and E6 later, none of them captured the same magic as the original. It was also a key device in the Nokia E series portfolio that helped build a reputation of reliability, style, and functionality.

So, have you owned the Nokia E71? What was your experience with it? Share your thoughts with us below!