New Samsung Internet beta update brings a very useful change – SamMobile

New Samsung Internet beta update brings a very useful change – SamMobile

Last updated: November 2nd, 2021 at 11:12 UTC+01:00

Samsung has a beta version of its very own internet browser that allows it to test new features before they’re released to everyone. It’s great for fans as well since they get to take the new features for a spin.

The company has released a new version of the Samsung Internet beta app today. It’s a minor update but one that makes a very useful change. You wouldn’t want to miss checking out the updated app.

Samsung Internet beta is now an even better browser

Samsung Internet beta v16.0.2.15 is rolling out today. It provides users with an option to move the URL address bar from the top to the bottom. As some of the best Samsung smartphones have tall and narrow displays, it can often require finger gymnastics to reach the address bar. With this simple tweak, users can have the address bar positioned at the very bottom where it will be much easier to reach.

Support for tab groups has also been added. This lets users who often have many tabs open to sort them neatly into groups for easy access. It’s a feature that we’ve previously seen on Google Chrome. So it’s great that Samsung Internet beta now has it as well.

Last but certainly not least is a Labs or experimental feature for HTTPS priority connection. It’s yet another measure from Samsung to improve the privacy controls of its web browser.

All of these features are currently available in Samsung Internet beta only. It may take a few weeks before they are released for the stable version.

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