New Fitness Tools for Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Update – TheStreet

New Fitness Tools for Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Update – TheStreet

Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 lineup may be getting all of the attention from Samsung fans right now, but shortly before the company unveiled its latest phones and tablets, a software update was announced for the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic.

The update brings several new features to Samsung’s current smartwatch duo, including new interval training features for cyclists and runners and a new way to visually rate how well you slept last night. Samsung also says it has added new features to the Watch4’s body composition tool.

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The new body composition feature will give Watch4 and Watch4 Classic owners more insight into their body composition metrics, using information from Centr, Chris Hemsworth’s fitness subscription service. Samsung is giving all Watch4 owners a free 30-day trial to Centr.

The new interval training features seem like they’ll be really useful for Galaxy Watch4 owners who cycle or run. After updating your watch you’ll be able to pre-set the distance, duration and number of sets you want to do. Once the workout starts, the watch will guide you through your predetermined intervals.

For those who use the Watch4’s sleep tracking feature, you’ll notice a new tool that tracks your sleep pattern over the course of a week and asks you to complete two surveys about sleep. You’ll then be assigned one of eight “sleep symbol animals” that represents your sleep type. From there, your watch will present you with a coaching program that last four or five weeks, with tips to help improve your sleep quality.

If you’re curious about which creatures are used as sleep symbol animals, here’s the complete list: Unconcerned Lion, Sensitive Hedgehog, Nervous Penguin, Sun Averse Mole, Cautious Deer, Easygoing Walrus, Alligator on the Hunt and Exhausted Shark. We are now very curious which sleep animal we would be.

The Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic are the first two smartwatches to run Google’s latest wearable operating system that combined Google’s WearOS and Samsung’s Tizen wearable platform. Both models have the same core set of features, such as tracking workouts, sleep, providing ECG readings and measuring blood oxygen levels as well as measuring body composition directly from your wrist.

You can buy either model right now, with the Watch4 priced at $229 and the Watch4 Classic priced at $319.

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