New Clipsal Wiser Smart Home to make home automation affordable and flexible for everyone – Yahoo Finance

New Clipsal Wiser Smart Home to make home automation affordable and flexible for everyone – Yahoo Finance

Why it’s Time the Average Smart Home got Wiser

SYDNEY, Sept. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Australians are embracing home automation, with the average household predicted to have 18+[1] connected devices by 2023. However for most, these devices work in silos requiring individual apps that clog up phones or inflexible set-and-forget timers and settings.

“True home automation reimagines the way we live by connecting every aspect of our home in one place,” says Tim Fant, Offer Manager at Clipsal. “It’s more than smart speakers that can only tell you the weather and play music. It allows control of all electrical products through an action, spoken word, or a few taps on a screen,” he adds.

For the first time, the average homeowner will soon be able to enjoy true home automation. The launch of Clipsal WiserTM Smart Home offers affordable, easy to use home automation via a central WiFi hub and a single iOS or Android app. It also connects across Bluetooth P2P, Zigbee System, Gateway, IR controller and sensors, as well as all leading third party voice controls including Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant.

The use of wireless connectivity removes the need for special cabling to be wired into the home, unlike previous home automation solutions. This opens up the possibility of installing functions as part of a new build or renovation over time and room to room. It also allows for elements to be updated or moved for a homeowner’s changing needs.

Through its range of sensors, sockets, switches and IR controllers, the future-proof system works behind the scenes allowing appliances and products to be changed as technology evolves. It also uses new signal meshing technology allowing components to ‘talk’ to each other, creating a network that reliably relays instructions from the Wiser Hub throughout the property.

The new system’s innovative range of products includes the global award-winning 2AX Connected Switch module, which will help facilitate new smart, connected possibilities, including collective commands called ‘Moments’. “Grouping actions under pre-programmed commands opens up almost endless home customisation,” continues Tim. “For example, lights, heating and music could come on with a spoken ‘Dinner’ command. Alternatively, a Moment could turn on an extractor fan and heated bathroom mirrors when a humidity sensor is tripped.”

Alongside improving specific occasions, home automation can also streamline daily activities. Lights, blinds, air conditioning and other appliances can be scheduled around waking and sleeping times. However, true home automation takes this one step further by offering easy customisation via the Wiser app for different days, allowing for weekend lie-ins or changing shift patterns.

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“A really innovative feature of the Wiser system is its celestial timer. This sets lights to switch on and off in line with changing sunrise and sunsets, so settings made on long summer days will be automatically adapted as winter creeps in. It’s this type of invisible innovation that makes a home truly smart,” says Tim.

“Home automation is in the same place today, as the internet was in the 90’s and in the same way, it will become an essential standard for Australian homes. This starts with an affordable, easy to use and future proof system that doesn’t just make homes smart, but makes them Wiser,” concludes Tim.

Home automation has an almost unending number of applications to make life easier so families can focus on what matters most, being together. Clipsal Wiser Smart Home is available through trained Club Clipsal Wiser Approved Installers and affiliated builders, who can help create spaces that work for homeowners today and simply upgrade in the future. For more information visit

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