Nashville Software School launches new software engineering program with Amazon – Main Street Nashville

Nashville Software School launches new software engineering program with Amazon – Main Street Nashville

The Nashville Software School announced Monday it will launch a new, full-time software engineering program with Amazon called the Software Engineering with Java/AWS Specialization.

The program, which covers the Java programming language and the Amazon Web Services platform powering much of the internet, will be offered in June 2022 as an online program for adults looking to acquire the skills to qualify for in-demand, entry-level positions at technology companies and information technology departments at various enterprises.

“We were excited when Amazon approached us with the chance to collaborate with them on using Amazon Technical Academy’s proven in-house curriculum as the basis for our software engineering program,” NSS founder and CEO John Wark said. “This is a major milestone in our nine years of opening doors to tech careers in Nashville.”

The program is based on the Amazon Technical Academy curriculum, which was developed by Amazon’s own engineers for non-technical employees who wanted to transition into the technology side of the business. Ninety-eight percent of graduates from Amazon’s own program have gone on to software development positions within Amazon.

“Our new program opens yet another pathway for both local residents and those outside our region to acquire the skills required to launch a rewarding and lucrative career in software development,” Wark said. “Consistent with our mission and our other programs, this program is for motivated adults with aptitude — irrespective of whether they have any prior tech training — including the underemployed, financially fragile, or economically disadvantaged as well as those from backgrounds underrepresented in tech careers, including Blacks, Hispanics, women and veterans.”

The program is being adapted in a number of ways for Nashville Software School. Commonly used practices and tools that are not specific to Amazon are being integrated into the class where they weren’t already, and the teaching methods NSS uses, like large-scale group projects on real-world applications, will also happen in the Amazon-styled program.

Students will also work with the school’s career development team to help them succeed in a job search after graduation.

The program will last nine months, and though it is online, the classroom is synchronous, meaning students will be expected to log on for class Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

NSS is offering multiple options to help residents pay for the program, including payment plans, student loans and scholarships. The NSS Opportunity Tuition Plan, which is a deferred tuition plan and scholarship program, will also be available to qualified applicants.