NASCAR 21: Ignition is ‘next evolution of console video games’ –, Edition: Global

NASCAR 21: Ignition is ‘next evolution of console video games’ –, Edition: Global

The newest installment is available for Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and PC through the Steam store. Games come with a free upgrade path for the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X/S post-launch, with free downloadable upgrades available for other users.

NASCAR 21: Ignition is available in both Standard and Champions Editions. Players who purchase the Champions Edition will receive exclusive availability to unlock Bill Elliott as a playable character, his paint schemes, in-game career boost and the season pass, including all three DLC packs. The season pass will release additional paint schemes and three other NASCAR legend drivers.

You can download the game HERE.

“The launch of NASCAR 21: Ignition is the next evolution of console video games and comes at a time when attention around the sport is high as a champion is set to be crowned,” said Nick Rend, NASCAR’s managing director of gaming and eSports.

“Leaning into Epic’s Unreal engine, Motorsport Games has developed new elements of customization in this game that will further immerse gamers by enabling them to put their own spin on NASCAR.”

The launch also comes as interest in gaming among motorsports fans is growing.

Results from the recent biggest-ever Global Survey commissioned by Motorsport Network in partnership with F1 and Nielsen Sports, showed more than half of all F1 fans (51%) are playing motorsports-specific video games, with 64% of those aged 16-34 as active motorsport gamers.

Within the 16-24 demographic, 80% have played the F1 game in the past year and 34% have watched F1-specific eSports broadcasts.

NASCAR 21: Ignition was developed and published by Motorsport Games and is powered by Unreal Engine and Studio 397’s highly-acclaimed rFactor physics engine. The use of both Unreal Engine and rFactor physics gives users a more authentic driving experience, immersive gameplay, dynamic AI and stunning visuals.

NASCAR 21: Ignition contains the official drivers, teams and tracks from the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series, including broadcast quality pre-race build up and post-race replays. MRN Radio provides all broadcast voice-over work, giving players the ‘Voice of NASCAR’ while they play.

Drivers are face-scanned into the game to provide the most realistic representations, with heightened attention to detail regarding tracks, grandstands and pit experiences.

“NASCAR 21: Ignition is out and we couldn’t be more excited to share our game with the fans,” said Dmitry Kozko, CEO of Motorsport Games. “Our team has poured its passion into this game, along with adding Unreal Engine and rFactor physics, to create the most authentic, realistic and dynamic NASCAR simulation we’ve ever produced.

“Fans will truly be able to feel the thrill of getting behind the wheel and racing to glory in NASCAR 21: Ignition.”

This year’s game comes complete with new updates and additions, built upon the foundations of previous iterations. Motorsport Games developed a brand new Paint Booth, offering unparalleled levels of customization to create NASCAR paint schemes, complete with an iconic race number.

Players can choose from several modes, such as Play Now, Career Mode or Online Multiplayer.

Players can purchase either physical or digital versions of the game, available on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store or Steam.

On Tuesday, NASCAR 21: Ignition issued a “Community Update” thanking those who participated in its early access launch day and provided the following information for users who came across issues with the game:


To view patch notes, submit an issue or for further questions, users are asked to visit HERE.