Microsoft Office Now Lets Users Sync Their Fonts – Softpedia News

Microsoft Office Now Lets Users Sync Their Fonts – Softpedia News

Microsoft has started the rollout of another big Office feature, this time making it possible for users to easily sync their fonts across devices.

Microsoft Office is obviously a cross-platform offering, and using the same account to log into the productivity suite comes with a series of major benefits.

And thanks to this latest update, your can now easily sync the used fonts, which means you’re going to get the same typefaces on all devices where the same account is being used in Microsoft Office.

More important is that the feature also works between desktop and mobile, so for example, you can get the fonts you used on the desktop right on your mobile device.

General availability already announced

Furthermore, the new feature makes it possible to get notifications of the missing fonts when opening a synced document on a new device.

“Picking your fonts just got much easier! Microsoft Office modern font picker is a completely reimagined experience for Office. Pin your favorite fonts so you can quickly access them on any device or platform,” Microsoft explains.

“Easily view all the fonts used in a document, including notifications for missing and embedded fonts. Choose from all the available styles for a font family, whether simply bold or italic or more exotic variants, such as condensed semi bold italic. In the Office Fonts section, see which fonts are available on all platforms and don’t need to be embedded in a document. Microsoft Office modern font picker offers you the effortless typographical experience you’ve been waiting for.”

The rollout of this feature has started for users across the world, with Microsoft explaining that Word users should now see the updated font picker in the app. If the feature isn’t yet live on your device, make sure that you updated the Word app to the latest version.