Meet 19-year-old Techno Gamerz, who’s creating a buzz in the gaming video content space with his unique style –

Meet 19-year-old Techno Gamerz, who’s creating a buzz in the gaming video content space with his unique style –

Ujjwal Chaurasia, popularly known as Techno Gamerz, has, at the age of 19, has formed a massive base of followers — 22 million subscribers. He creates video content based on online games such as GTA 5, Minecraft, and others, and is ruling the internet with creative and fun-filled content.

Ujjwal says he was “always into games as a child” and started a channel on the advice of his brother when he was Class X. After this, taking inspiration from other creators, he posted a few videos.

“I didn’t have any phone at that time; I started with my brother’s phone,” he says, adding that there is no need to have a fancy setup to start creating content. People can start with “basic equipment that is available at home”.

He remained consistent with content and eventually one of his videos went viral, leading to a huge audience. Ujjwal regulated his audience in a way so that they get used to all sorts of games and consume all the content that he makes.

Techno Gamerz | Source: Instagram

However, there was a time when Ujjwal’s channel faltered because he got heavily into esports and started playing tournaments. He soon realised that he needed to balance esports and the channel; things got a boost when he “started doing the GTA series”.

Speaking about content strategy, Ujjwal says his primary focus while making videos is “audience demands”. He is of the belief that more than trends, audience opinion is of the utmost importance.

The gamer engages with his audience through comments and draws insights from them before planning his next batch of content. He considers what he should make and “whether it aligns with what the audience wants”.

Ujjwal says the introduction is a very important part of the video as it helps grab audience attention. “The first one minute of the video should be so good that if a person clicks on the video, they should stick with it for at least that one minute,” he says.

He says short videos are now trending and he plans to explore that space. He adds that he used to upload short funny videos on TikTok when it wasn’t banned in India and “used to receive a massive amount of traction there”. Now that short-format videos are back in trend, he wants to “do something with that format”.

In terms of future targets, he shares that he does not want to indulge in a competitive mindset in the content space. Ujjwal’s main focus is on playing all the new and big games that are coming up so that he can make videos on them for his audience to enjoy those games.

“Not everybody has high-end equipment to play games but even if they can’t play, they can at least watch the videos with commentary,” he says.

Lastly, Ujjwal mentions that he and his team has made a server for Minecraft which he describes as “a world of Minecraft” where he wants all his subscribers to “play” with him. The idea is still under work and he says this is his “biggest dream at the moment”.

In the rapid-fire round of Influencers Inc by YourStory, Ujjwal shares his inspirations, dreams, favourite games, and many more interesting facts.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai