KniTec Knows: Samsung’s “LED in a Box” Helps Small Business Owners Increase Advertising ROI – TOPHOTELNEWS

KniTec Knows: Samsung’s “LED in a Box” Helps Small Business Owners Increase Advertising ROI – TOPHOTELNEWS

Many small to medium-sized business owners can expect complete configuration of their XPR-B Series Outdoor DVLED in as little as 2 weeks.

KniTec Knows: The XPR-B – dubbed the “LED in a Box” – can be configured in as little as 2-weeks and comes complete with a simplified content management solution designed for small- to medium-sized business owners.

Outdoor Direct-View LEDs are becoming increasingly popular among small business owners, and for good reason: research shows that these bright, vivid displays are more effective than their analog counterparts at capturing customers’ attention and more importantly, calling them to action. But admittedly, getting started with DVLEDs can seem daunting. Enter Samsung’s XPR-B Series – an all-in-one outdoor DVLED package that simplifies every step of the process from installation to ongoing support.


“At the onset of the pandemic, Samsung saw an opportunity to help a multitude of industries – including retailers, restaurateurs, schools, and medical campuses – get back to business through the use of display technology,” said Mark Quiroz, VP of the display division at Samsung Electronics America. “The XPR-B was developed to help small- and medium-sized business owners stay nimble by providing a platform for seasonal and time-specific advertising, wayfinding and provide an additional method of direct communication with customers.”


Features include: 


Reliability in all weather conditions

The cabinet and internal components are waterproof and protected by an advanced heat dissipation system


Multiple operational safeguards

Displays are equipped with built-in signal and power redundancies to prevent errors


Exceptional picture quality

Eye-catching brightness combined with a high refresh rate means content is clearly visible in any weather or lighting conditions


Longer life and image quality

Cutting edge design perfectly leverages high quality materials to create a cost effective display 


Cloud-based content

Samsung provides cloud-based display management with AI driven tools to help you create memorable content 


Warranty and service support

Our US based Network Operations Center (NOC) is open 24/7/365.


Samsung has applied its years of experience in the LED space to the development of the XPR-B Series. Equipped with user-friendly content management applications, these DVLED packages put small business owners in control of their digital signage marketing.


“XPR-B signage provides a turn-key solution for customers. That ease of use brings the potential for higher [return on investment] on ad dollars compared to traditional advertising methods for small businesses,” said Kevin Izatt, product manager, outdoor LED, Samsung Electronics America. “This solution has something for everyone.” 


Interested in talking more about the XPR-B Series? Call or email one of our knowledgeable Project Managers at 866-469-7111 or [email protected].