IBD is Linked to Mental Health, Closure of the Gut-Brain Gateway May Cause More Harm—Health Tech for Gut Health? – Tech Times

IBD is Linked to Mental Health, Closure of the Gut-Brain Gateway May Cause More Harm—Health Tech for Gut Health? – Tech Times

Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD is connected to a person’s mental health, and it affects people a lot in causing severe depression when it is a part of your daily life. Some have looked into closing up the gut-brain link, but it was seen to do more harm than good, especially to a person’s mental health and other bodily functions. 

That being said, it is now a massive consideration if modern solutions like health tech can help in this case. 

IDB is Linked to Mental Health

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IBD Study: Gut Health is Important to Mental Health and severing the link may cause more harm than good, study says.

According to research published in Science, the CSF of cerebrospinal fluid can bring impulses from the gut, and each inflammation can alert the brain, in turn leading to mental health problems. That is how gut health is related to mental health, as explained by the experts. 

Thus, the IBD or inflammatory bowel disease and much more illnesses related to the gut can affect the mental health of a person, causing them a devastating effect in the long run. That being said, a person’s mental health is affected every time there is a problem or discomfort triggered by their guts, and this can affect their lifestyle or mood for a short or long time. 

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Closing up Gut-Brain Link Can Cause More Harm

However, the research has also looked into closing up the gut-brain link in the study, but what it has found is more devastating or harmful for a person than keeping it open. The test was applied on mice whose gut-brain link was closed, and it caused the animal’s brain activity to decline, hence the mental health problems. 

Can Health Tech Help in Gut Health, Lowering Cases of Problems? 

There are a lot of nutrition apps available in the health tech market today, and it mostly focuses on digestion and calorie counting for better health with regards to food. And while it is mostly regarded as something that is for fitness rather than for help, they are enough to help a person get through their tough times and hardships with their gut health. 

Of course, these are not yet the solution to the bigger problem of the gut, as it is a wider spectrum with regards to its problems and requires more than an app. Others are advised to go on medicine to help and ease their pain, while some prefer herbal or alternative medicine to ease their digestion and help promote better gut health. 

It is highly recommended to focus more on fiber to improve gut health, and a healthy gut is a way to a healthier life, or so they say. Studies have pointed out that fibrous foods can help in lowering the risk of high cholesterol and avoid having strokes or heart diseases in the long run. 

Now, in this function, Health Tech can help, especially with the different gut health app that promises digestion and help in choosing the fiber-rich foods in the market.  

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