How to insert Video Thumbnail in PowerPoint – TWCN Tech News

How to insert Video Thumbnail in PowerPoint – TWCN Tech News

Adding a video to Microsoft PowerPoint is an easy task, even if you’re doing it from a smartphone. However, some folks are wondering if it is possible to set a thumbnail for their videos. You see, whenever you add a video to a slide, the thumbnail is usually the photo from the first frame of the clip.

That’s not good enough because the first frame in most situations does not provide the best photos for thumbnails. So, your best bet is to manually set a thumbnail. You might not have known this, but PowerPoint does have a thumbnail feature for videos called Photo Frame.

How to insert Video Thumbnail in PowerPoint

Changing the thumbnail of a video on Microsoft PowerPoint can be done in several ways. This article will discuss all methods for all readers-

  1. Open a PowerPoint presentation
  2. Add your preferred video
  3. Play the video to the preferred frame
  4. Set the selected frame as a thumbnail

1] Open a PowerPoint presentation

Before we begin, one must ensure PowerPoint is up and running. To open it, click on the icon located on your Desktop or from within the Start Menu. If you have it on your Taskbar, then click on it from there.

The next step, then, is to fire up a document. You can choose to launch a blank document, or open an already created one; the choice is yours.

2] Add your preferred video

OK, so to add a video to your PowerPoint Slide, please click on the Insert tab, then navigate to Video. From under the Insert Video From section, you will see options to add a video. Select the one that makes sense and wait for the video to appear.

3] Play the video to the preferred frame

Click on the play button, then allow the video to run until it reaches the correct frame, then hit the pause button.

4] Set the selected frame as a thumbnail

OK, so the next step here, is to click on Video Format > Poster Frame > Current Frame. Right away the system will use the frame as the video thumbnail.

How to use an existing photo as a video thumbnail in PowerPoint

If you want to use a photo already saved on your hard drive instead, then this is something you can accomplish with relative ease. Lets look at how to get this done in the shortest possible way.

Return to Poster Frame, but this time please select, Import From File > From a File, then select the image you want after browsing for it.

Finally, hit the Enter key, and that’s it.

How to remove thumbnail in PowerPoint

For those who want to remove thumbnails they’ve added, please, again, click on Poster Frame, but this time, navigate to Reset and that should do the trick.

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What is PowerPoint used for?

If you are new to Microsoft PowerPoint, then you’ll want to know that it uses slides to convey information rich in multimedia. It comes packed as part of the Microsoft Office suite software better known as Microsoft Office 365.

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Is PowerPoint software free?

No, the software for use on Windows desktop or mobile is not free. However, you can gain access to a basic version through your web browser via Office Web Apps.

How can I create a PowerPoint presentation?

  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. In the left pane, select New.

  3. Select an option:
    • To create a presentation from scratch, select Blank Presentation.
    • To use a prepared design, select one of the templates.
    • To see tips for using PowerPoint, select Take a Tour, and then select Create.

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