How to host a PowerPoint party for a virtual game night – Business Insider

How to host a PowerPoint party for a virtual game night – Business Insider

  • PowerPoint parties are a type of virtual party game that involves presenting a PowerPoint on a topic you’re passionate about — or know little about.
  • You can host a PowerPoint party from any device that will run the Microsoft program, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. 
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In the world of remote gaming and virtual game nights, PowerPoint parties have become increasingly popular. But what exactly are they — and how do you host one? 

Here’s everything you need to know about the newest — and slightly odd — party game experience. 

What is a PowerPoint party

A PowerPoint party is a relatively new trend utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint software for social fun instead of its usual business and academic associations. 

Before the party, each participant prepares a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of their choice. During the party, participants take turns presenting their PowerPoint topic to the other partygoers for a set number of minutes. After presenting, the participant must be prepared to answer questions from the other partygoers. 

The result is a unique social engagement that brings together strangers and old friends alike.

How to host a PowerPoint party

If you have the hardware required to connect a laptop to a TV (such as an HDMI cable or a Google


), you can easily host a PowerPoint party in your home or office. 

How to connect your computer or other devices to a TV for a PowerPoint party

There are two quick and easy ways you can share your device’s screen with those around you — and those miles away. Here’s how. 


  • HDMI cable. If your TV and laptop have HDMI ports — which most modern devices do — you can use them to connect both devices and share what’s on your smaller screen with your big screen. This works on Macs or PCs as well as iPhones or Androids with a few additional pieces of hardware. 
  • Chromecast. If you have a tablet like an iPad, a Chromebook without an HDMI port, or want to avoid using cords, there are still ways you can present your PowerPoint through your TV. Set up a Chromecast streaming stick or dongle on your TV, and then cast your slideshow to the big screen. 

But in the age of remote connection and the time of COVID-19, PowerPoint parties can easily be adapted explicitly for virtual gatherings. Applications like Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet allow many people to participate in the same video call. 

You can also use them to share screens, making them perfect choices for remote PowerPoint parties. All you’d need to do is invite the attendees to join the video call.

Hosting and presentation tips for your next PowerPoint party

If you’re considering hosting a PowerPoint party, here are a few tips and tricks to help make it a success. 

Set house rules

Depending on the group you’re hosting, you may want to set house rules for the presentations in order for everyone to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Consider establishing the amount of time each presentation runs well before the party begins so that participants can prepare accordingly. 

You can set other various house rules, like “Everyone who attends must present.” You might want presentations to adhere to a particular theme or avoid specific topics that might cause partygoers’ discomfort. Or you might require all guests to wear silly hats because why not. 

Pick a topic that’s unique to your interests

Since you’re going to be speaking at length about your topic, select one that you’re deeply familiar with and passionate about. The best PowerPoint party topics are those which are fresh, compelling, and teach partygoers something they’ve never known before.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Remember, this is for fun! You don’t have to worry about the depth of your presentation or what other partygoers will think. Just have fun and come prepared to learn something new about everyone else in the room.