How to convert a PowerPoint presentation into Google Slides – India Today

How to convert a PowerPoint presentation into Google Slides – India Today

It’s possible to convert PowerPoint to Google Slides. Check out how.

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Google Drive has revolutionized group work, providing tools that multiple people can create and edit simultaneously. However, many people still prefer to use Microsoft products when working alone. Luckily, converting PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides is possible in easy steps.

Steps to convert PowerPoint into Google slides:

  • You can upload PowerPoint presentations directly to the Google Slides website.
  • Open it in slides, make your changes and it will save automatically.
  • Visit Google Slides, sign in, and click ‘Blank’ below to start a new presentation on the main page
  • When the blank presentation opens, click file>open from the menu
  • In the pop-up window, select the upload tab. Then either drag your PPTX file onto the windows or click ‘Select a file from your device’
  • You’ll see the slideshow open immediately on Google Slides as your active presentation. The name of the slideshow is the PowerPoint file’s name.
  • You can change it if you like by clicking that text in the upper left corner
  • From there, you’re set to edit or present the slideshow.
  • Since all changes are saved automatically. You do not have to take an extra step to save the presentation as a Google Slides file.
  • You can visit the Google Slides main page to see your presentation in the list.
  • You can also access your presentation from Google Drive

Convert PowerPoint by importing them to Google Slides:

Another way to convert your presentation from PowerPoint to Google Slides is by importing it. The benefit to this method is that you can select the slides you want to convert of you don’t want the entire presentation.

  • Select ‘Blank’ on the main Google Slides screen.
  • When the untitled presentation opens, click file>import slides from the menu
  • Select the upload tab
  • Drag your PowerPoint slideshow file onto the window or click ‘Select a file from your device’ to browse for, select, and open the file.
  • When the import slides window appears, click each slide that you want to use in Google slides.
  • If you want to use them all, click ‘All’ next to select slides on the top
  • Check the box on the bottom right to keep the original theme from the presentation
  • Then, with the slides selected, click ‘Import slides’
  • When the slides you picked open in the blank presentation, click the mane on the top left to rename it.
  • Your changes save automatically, you can access your converted presentation from the main Google Slides page or Google Drive.

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